What is Moon Knight up to with his mysterious post-credit moons?

Moon Knight It is being, without a doubt, one of the best series that have come to Disney + based on the Egyptian Marvel character. And it is that she alone has been able to move to the UCM to one of the most complex characters of the entire factory, getting fans not only to become fond of him and all his personalities, but also to take him as seriously as one more applicant to be part of that Olympus of superheroes who end up making the leap to other franchises, sagas and celluloid series.

Full moon target?

Another of its attractions has influenced that aura of mystery that has covered the entire series around it, it has been driven, surely, by that charm that comes from stories inspired by ancient Egypt. It is thanks to that mystique that the series takes advantage of that fans have not taken long to imagine explanations for any detail that appears on the screen, and that have given rise to intriguing theories. And one of the ones that has stood out the most has been that of the changing moons that we can observe during the credits of each episode where, in each one of them, we see that the Moon grows a little; It begins in the first quarter and increases as the weeks go by.

The most widespread theory comes to say that these Moons are the real time that marks the events of the series, so by the end of it we may find ourselves with a splendid full Moon. And this detail is important because it is precisely in that phase where the powers of our peculiar superhero are stronger, which could be a serious problem for the bad guy on duty, in this case, that Arthur Harrow who is accompanied by some sinister Egyptian beasts .

However, that theory that seemed perfect came crashing down with the fifth episode, when in the credits of Moon Knight we verify that the Moon has not grown but, on the contrary, it has shrunk to a disconcerting last quarter. Although there is still no official response from the Disney-owned studio, there are already theories that try to explain this sudden change.

What is happening then?

First of all there are many fans who speculate that since Marc and Steven are in the realm of the dead, the Moon is accompanying them on their vital path so in a way he is dying with them. Others, however, are for the work of believing (and are very creative) that the Moon symbolizes the decline of human civilization as we know it, since the antagonist has already released Ahmit, goddess in charge of judging sinners before they commit their crimes.

Although there is a last theory that we should not underestimate and it is the one that affirms that, in reality, Those Moons in the credits mean nothing. And the truth is that it wouldn’t be the first time that fans read too much between the lines, imagining things that aren’t really there afterwards. Or have we forgotten the multiple tests that were seen on a hypothetical presence of Mephisto as the main enemy in WandaVision?

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