What is Photoshop’s Sky Override feature

A few years ago most of the editing tasks they were delicate jobs that we had to carry out manually and that required high precision. In addition, to take advantage of these functions that we found, we had to have in-depth knowledge of that specific application. But software developers have little by little wanted their projects to become accessible to the majority of users, as is the case of the aforementioned Adobe.

So much so that right now we find image editors that even novice users can use in these matters. All this thanks to the automation of certain functions and to the artificial intelligence that many of these programs implement. All this makes editing tasks much easier for us, even on many occasions they are carried out alone. Practically we only have to choose the type of change in the photo, mark the section to edit, if necessary, and the rest is done by the program.

This way we get really impressive results with minimal effort. Despite its complexity, the popular Photoshop it also presents us with many of these simplification features that we can benefit from. This is the case of the function called sky substitution which we will talk about next.

Advantages of using Sky Replacement in Photoshop

Specifically, we are going to talk about a way of operating that is not very well known in the Adobe program, but that is sure to be extremely interesting. As its name indicates, it allows us change the sky of any photo centered on a landscape, in Photoshop. In addition, this is a substitution that we can carry out automatically and easily, achieving spectacular results and giving the image a complete turnaround.

At the same time, the program offers us a series of customizable parameters to adjust this change to the needs we seek. Therefore, in case we want to make a major change in a landscape, the sky substitution function will be extremely useful to us. Initially, once we have loaded the image in the main interface of the program, we go to the Edit menu option.

This is precisely where we are going to find the function that we are looking for in this case, so we only have to click on the corresponding option. This will give way to a new window where we configure the sky change on the loaded image. The Photoshop editor itself offers us a series of predefined samples in the form of different skies so that we can add them to our image. In turn we find some adjustments in the form of sliders to customize this change.

We will have the possibility to adjust the transition and displacement of the edges, their brightness, color temperatureeither scale. All this after choosing the sky model that we want to integrate into our image and that will automatically replace the original photo.

sky photoshop

Therefore and as we can see, in a matter of seconds we will achieve a radical change in the landscape image by changing its sky for any other.

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