What is the Apple Store showroom?

The Apple Store is, for all lovers of the apple brand, a practically cult place. However, not all people have access to all the places that they hide and keep inside. One of these charming corners is the Showroom, and in this post we tell you what they consist of.

What are these rooms?

As its name indicates, the Showrooms consist of a room that exists inside the Apple Store, decorated in a meticulous and very special way. So much so that not all Apple stores have these kinds of places, which makes every corner of them even more mysterious. Actually, these rooms are intended to be able to host different types of eventssince they do not have an established use within the entire operation of Apple stores.

Lor what does stand out is the great decoration with which they have, although this is obvious given how studied all the details of the Apple stores are. In Spain there are two of these, in Barcelona and Madridspecifically in the Sol Apple Store and Passeig de Gràcia. All the lucky ones who have had the opportunity to visit them highlight the different details that can be found in them, from the material from which the sofas are made, to the paintings or books that are present on the different tables that are there.

Surely, one of the questions that arise around these Showrooms is the functionality they have within the Apple stores, well, they are usually used to hold meetings between the workers themselves or with other people outside the company. of Cupertino such as representatives of other companies or even content creators.

What is clear is that it is a different and special place, to which all Apple lovers would like to visit and it is not for less, since as we told you, each and every one of the details that this Showroom has is carefully taken care of, even the lamps that are shaped like Apple Park or the corners where you can find the HomePods perfectly placed. It is a place where you can breathe the apple brand through every wall and corner you can find.

Can they be accessed?

Unfortunately, access to these rooms, to these places, is restrictedand you have to have the consent of Apple itself to be able to access them. However, it is not surprising that the Cupertino company once allows a guided tour of this type of establishment, however, these are nothing more than assumptions.

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Be careful, it is not a place that is totally hidden inside the Apple Store or anything like that, it is simply a room that very few people have access to, since it is intended, as we have told you before, to receive and live in them meetings with other people.

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