What is the best classic joystick for PC that you can buy in 2022?

For years the Joystick was the quintessential controller in video games. This was until video game consoles ended up standardizing the already classic gamepad. However, these are still used by a minority of players and especially those who play flight simulators. Although the key question is: what is the best joystick on the market right now?

Today on PC there is a type of controller that has disappeared from most games and that is that the joystick disappeared as soon as two levers began to be needed to control the action of the games as they were in three dimensions. And it is that in the already classic two-dimensional games it is not necessary to have a second stick to control the camera. So for convenience and familiarity, a new generation of gamers who had grown up with video game consoles abandoned the classic joysticks for gamepads.

However, these are still used in certain genres, the best known of all being flight or space simulators. So like racing wheels they have become a niche peripheral. Not in a pejorative sense, but due to the fact that its usefulness has been reduced from being a peripheral for general use to being used for a specific area.

Best classic joystick we can buy

Today the best are the Hotas for flight simulators, so buying one of them and using the main part will be enough to have a quality joystick and we talked about it just yesterday, so we have decided to focus this This article is not for flight simulator controllers, but for those who still love their old computer games and still want to play the old way. And yes, surely many retro lovers will have raised their hands to their heads due to the fact that the recently launched Amiga 500 Mini has a gamepad and not a Joystick.

Our recommendation if you are retro lovers are the Monster Joystick, its controllers and buttons are of high quality and equal to those of the classic arcades of yesteryear and are suitable for your old computers, especially those that use the Atari standard. In addition, if you have a Raspberry Pi they also serve as a case for these in order to have the complete experience. In the event that your goal is to turn your computer into a machine to play retro games you do not have an old machine, it may be worth it with the previous example and it is enough with something like Competition Pro.

Although if you want a more traditional option, a good option is the Thrustmaster TCA Sidestick Airbus Edition, which is currently the best joystick for PC, period. Although if you want an explanation of it, it is very simple: what do you think of having up to 17 buttons with 5 of them on the lever and another 12 on the base? All this with the ability to choose up to 4 different configurations for flight simulators.

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