What is the best iPhone for seniors in 2022?

In this post we are going to review 2 options that, we believe, may be the most interesting for them. Of course, always prioritizing the Economic factor and trying to see the most balanced models in terms of price, so you will not find here devices such as the ‘Pro’ models that, in addition to being focused on another type of public, their cost rises beyond 1,000 euros.

Fit for this definition of “older person”

We tend to associate this concept with a person totally removed from technology and with highly clumsy skills. And nothing is further from reality, since in the end we can meet all kinds of people and each one of them is a world. For this reason, iPhones are an excellent option for a middle ground between our elders: those who use technology for their routine tasks and stay in contact with their own, but who are not great experts in the field either and need something simple and that it works for years.

Advantages and disadvantages of the iPhone SE

With that look at the Apple catalog that we talked about before, you can see that this is the cheapest iPhone. With a starting price of 489 eurosIt is a phone that despite not being cheap either, is considerably different from the others. In fact, it can usually be found on sale in some stores.

iphone SE colors

Other advantages that we find is that it is a telephone very compact with a 4.7-inch screen ideal for keeping in touch with family and friends through social networks, messaging apps or video calls. The fact of having an A13 Bionic chip will allow you not only to be more durable as far as good performance is concerned, it will also have many years of updates.

Now, it does have some downsides to consider. The first has to do with what we were talking about about size and that is that it can be too smallfor continued use, sometimes forcing your eyes too hard. Neither does his battery It is the best and with intensive use, a little more autonomy could be missed. In addition, the possible arrival of a new model in this range in 2022 could not only make the new one more interesting, but would also cause it to drop even more in price.

iPhone XR, a non-disposable option

The iPhone XR is a device that precisely reinforces the weak points of the ‘SE’, offering a larger screen (6.1 inches) and a more than considerable autonomy. And although we could say that the iPhone 11, 12 and 13 are his heirs, the truth is that this is still very compliant.

iphone xr

Count with one more modern design (and colorful), while mounting an A12 Bionic chip that is not far behind the iPhone SE. It will also last for many years of use and is in the end a much more complete machine than the previous one. Yes indeed, hard to find new units. In some cases there are reconditioned versions that, also with a guarantee, can be very interesting and cost less than 400 euros.

In this same area, you could find others Previous Generation iPhone that are also at a great price. Although it is true that models like the iPhone 7 or 8 tend not to be so recommended, models like the iPhone X or especially the ‘XS’, belonging to the same generation of the ‘XR’, are devices more than suitable for this type of public.

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