What is the best Mac for a student?

The month of September is approaching, and since Apple already has the promotion for students in force, many of them are sure to be encouraged to make the leap to macOS and thus buy their first computer from the Cupertino company. Therefore, in this post we want to tell you which of all the options in the Apple Store is the best for a student.

Obviously the answer to this question it depends on what type of career each user is going to study. Since the purchase of a computer must always respond to specific needs, and although the most powerful Mac is capable of satisfying all users, the ideal is to always acquire the most suitable depending on the features it offers, the needs that each user has and the price of the equipment itself. However, given the range of possibilities that the Cupertino company put on the table, all students can find in the Apple Store an ideal option to be able to develop their studies in the best way. Note that now is the ideal time to be able to buy an apple computer and save yourself a good amount of money, since from the month of June, and until the month of October, Apple’s popular “back to school” promotion is active, which provides significant discounts on the purchase of devices oriented to the education and work, such as Macs.

The MacBook Air M2, the best option for most

The leap that Apple has made with its own processors has been enormous, but without a doubt, if there is a device that has clearly benefited from the M series chips, that is the MacBook Air. Although the MacBook Air M1 was already a device that had greatly reduced the distance between the Air and the Pro, now with the new version, the MacBook Air M2 is even more capable of carrying out tasks that were previously unthinkable for this computer.

What this causes is that every time more users can meet their needs with this computer, opening up to a much larger potential audience. Therefore, if the university degree that you are going to study or that you are studying does not require the use of applications or programs that are excessively heavy and that require very high specifications, the MacBook Air M2 is the ideal device for the vast majority of students. Of course, one area where the MacBook Air is unmatched is the so slim design it has, being a joy to be able to transport it with such ease.

Do you need a lot of power and portability? The 14 MacBook Pro is the best

Typically, a college student needs to have a device that is portable, since you will have to take it to the university every day and, surely, within it you will have to move around different classrooms. Find a computer that, in addition to that necessary portability, also gives you all the power you need To be able to work comfortably is not easy.

macbook pro

Well, the Apple laptop that best meets these two very specific needs is the 14-inch MacBook Pro. In addition, this computer is configurable with the M1 Pro or M1 Max chipso depending on your needs you can choose one or the other, although on rare occasions a student will need their MacBook Pro to have the M1 Max chip, since the M1 Pro has enormous power.

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