What is the best processor? The i9-12900KS, according to this benchmark

If yesterday we told you that there are already more powerful Core 12 desktop units in the hands of users, today we have to talk to you about the performance of the i9-12900KS in Cinebench R23, and why the launch of this processor means that Intel continues to hold the title of the most powerful CPU of the moment. At least until the launch of the next generation or until AMD takes the throne from them with their Ryzen 6000.

At the moment, the i9-12900KS has not been announced by Pat Gelsinger with a definitive release date. However, it is no secret that there are already several units in the hands of end users, who have wanted to measure their performance. And a very easy way to do it is through benchmarks, which give an indicative result about the performance of a processor compared to those of the same architecture or others that appeared during the same period of time.

In the case of the i9-12900KS we are interested in the fact that it is not a CPU that was part of the range, but it is really the i9-12900K that after being manufactured have obtained better results in the tests of quality and from Intel they have seen that they can work without problems at somewhat higher frequencies and also consumption.

This is how the Intel Core i9-12900KS performs in Cinebench R23

Through the Cinebench R23 benchmark we have been able to know what the performance of the i9-12900KS based on Alder Lake-S architecture is, since it has obtained 2160 points in the test for a single core and 29,164 points for the one that measures the performance of several. Let’s not forget that these synthetic performance tests measure the so-called core 0 in the test that only measures a single core, so the performance obtained is that of the first of the P-Cores in the processor.

Cinebench R23 i9-12900KS

On the other hand, we have been able to learn some additional details of the processor and confirm others: the TDP in PL1 mode is 150 Wbut the information leaked yesterday is denied, IIntel has removed the AVX-512 instructions from the P-Cores on the i9-12900KS. Although it is not the only information, we know that the turbo for all the P-Cores at the same time is 5.2GHz. In the case of E-Cores, the maximum speed it can reach is 4GHz.

However, we must bear in mind that we still need to know the performance in the rest of the performance tests of the same type, and that is that having only the information of the i9-12900KS in Cinebench R23 is not having the complete scenario about its performance. Since we still have to see how it works with real applications. Let’s not forget that it is a processor that will be available in few units, because few come out per wafer that can be classified as i9-12900KS. So it will be much more expensive than the i9-12900K and, therefore, it is necessary to know if it is worth paying more for such additional performance for potential buyers.

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