What is the best way to charge an iPhone?

And, although it is not the only thing, the way to charge the iPhone is usually quite important at this point. Because yes, there are good and bad ways to charge the iPhone. The fact that you see that the battery is recharging does not imply that you are doing it in the best way if you want to preserve it for a longer time. Type of cable, adapter, use of wireless charging, fast charging… What is the best way to do it?

Cable vs wireless charging

You should know that a priori it could be indifferent to charge the phone in one way or another, as long as it is with quality accessories. That is, it is not necessary that it be the official Apple, but that at least it has MFi certificate, acronym for ‘Made For iPhone’, a standard that certifies that any cable, power adapter or other accessory used meets the minimum quality standards so as not to damage the device.

And while it is true that there may be some drawbacks to fast charging such as the device getting hotter than necessary, this might not really be a concern. Obviously a high temperature is bad for the iPhone in general and for the battery in particular, but a little warm is even normal and should not be a concern if you are using a quality base.

Now, where we do find a determining factor for battery deterioration is in the fast charge. Although Apple is not exactly the company that offers the best times in this area, it offers loads with up to 20 W of power in recent models such as the iPhone 12 and 13. Just like its own Apple advises, it is not advisable to abuse it.

These types of charges deteriorate the batteries in less time and although it is okay to resort to them from time to time, you should not do it regularly if you want to preserve health. Therefore, it is advisable that you use 7.5W adapters, which are the ones that offer the best charging times without damaging the battery excessively. Does it work with a 5 W one? Perfectly and it will even be better, but you must also bear in mind that with these the times are reduced a lot.

The best advice is …

The best of everything in this area is do not obsess. It is fully understandable that, after spending a lot of money on your mobile, you want to keep it optimized as much as possible for as long as possible. But you must not forget that in the end, whatever you do, the battery will end up degrading sooner or later. But both with an iPhone and with any other smartphone.

It is always advisable to carry out low power charges as described above, not to make interruptions during the process, to try not to use it while it is charging, etc. But in the end it should not become something to be taken into account at all times, so that you are permanently aware of the way you charge the device or if the health has dropped a percentage.

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