What is the longest Marvel movie? and the shortest?

True fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe have no problem if the movie they want to see in theaters is longer than three hours. On the contrary, they prefer it. A few days ago, it was made public that Thor: Love and Thunderthe next MCU movie, will be one of Marvel Studios’ shortest, lasting about 119 minutes. Knowing the next film by Chris Hemsworth will not reach two hours in length, a question may arise: Is there any Marvel movie shorter than this? And already put, which is the longest?

The longest movies in the MCU

The cinematic universe of Marvel It already has about thirty films. Most of them easily exceed two hours in length. To a certain extent, the viewer has become accustomed to this type of footage, and tapes like Spider-Man: No Way Home they can even be made short, despite the fact that the last installment of Spider-Man has a not inconsiderable duration of 148 minutes.

The podium of the longest Marvel Studios feature films is led by two good movies and one bad. Avengers: Infinity War At the moment he takes the bronze medal with a duration of 149 minutes. The silver medal goes to Eternals, a film that if you saw it in the cinema, it is possible that it would be almost endless. It takes almost an hour to boot up, with constant interruptions and time jumps, which make your 149 minutes long look like 149 insufferable hours. Yes, eternal.

And finally, the longest film that has been made within the Marvel Cinematic Universe is, how could it be otherwise, Avengers: Endgame. Hard 181 minutes, although you are not going to see almost any fan of the saga complain about this fact -although we all know that we resist the desire to go to the bathroom like champions the day we went to see it at the cinema-. To put a comparison, one of the biggest complaints of batman, one of the most recent releases of DC was its duration. This highlights the double yardstick of Marvel fans, as the Dark Knight detective film lasted 176 minutes. Literally any Avengers fan spent more than 5 minutes watching the credits of end game to see the final scene.

And what is the shortest movie?

The new Thor movie is by no means the shortest movie in the MCU. In fact, it is the seventh if we order all the productions of the franchise from shortest to longest.

The third shortest movie in the MCU is the Thor’s first installment, which has a duration of 115 minutes. However, there is no silver medal. There are two Marvel movies that are tied with 112 minutes duration. The first is Thor: The Dark World, that is, the second installment of Thor. and the other is The incredible Hulk, the film that Louis Leterrier directed in 2008 with Edward Norton, although we already know that the UCM continued with Mark Ruffalo as a replacement.

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