What is the new restricted mode of Google TV about and what advantages does it have

Google currently has two different operating systems for Smart TVs on the market. First of all, AndroidTVwho has been with us for years. On the other hand, those from Mountain View also launched google tv, a system also based on Android, but with its own characteristics. We don’t know if one day Californians plan to merge these two projects into one, but for now, what we do know is that Google is going to improve parental controls on Google TVwhich, until now, works in a totally different way than Android TV.

Google TV will continue to work on Parental Control

Android TV and Google TV have many common elements. It is obvious, since they both start from the same base. But nevertheless, google tv it has been used during its short life as a kind of proving ground. This has been clearly seen in relation to the Parental control systems. Until now, the two Google operating systems for televisions have had their differences in this area.

Android TV uses System of Parental Control and Restricted Profile. The first uses a pin lock, and allows an adult to select those apps that he doesn’t want to run on the TV without her permission. And, on the other hand, there is the restricted profile, which serves both to limit minors and to prevent third parties who use our television from seeing intimate information, such as the image reel of the Google Photos application.

On the other hand, parental control de Google TV is based on users, and, in fact, it is one of the star functions of the system, being much more interesting than Android TV. google tv allows us to create a different profile for each of our children. With ‘Child Profile’, each child will have their own individual profile on the TV. She will receive personalized recommendations based on the content she consumes and her age, as well as having some content limited if the parents so wish.

New Restricted Mode and Child Profile Customization

As 9to5Google has been able to discover, the Google TV would be close to receiving a new ‘Restricted Mode’, similar to what’s already on Android TV. With this new feature, we will be able to prevent mature content from appearing on the main TV screen, even when using our normal adult profile. To turn this setting on and off, you will need to enter a pin, exactly the same as how it is done on Android TV. It will also have a mode ‘Hidden Movies and Shows’, which will serve to completely hide the recommendations of adult content in our main profile.

On the other hand, the same medium has also discovered a new in the profiles for children of Google TV. Now children can personalize your user accounts, something that until now was not possible, and that was a feature announced by Google that has been delayed a bit. In the next version of the system, children will be able to create their own content lists, which will obviously be within the limits that have been previously marked from the parental controls.

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