What is the official program to download Torrent?

Thanks to the structure and mode of operation used by them, this proposal becomes the most reliable and stable when working on the Internet with large files. We refer to downloading or uploading this information online and that users from all over the world can access it. Of course, to get hold of these P2P networks to which we refer and share content with others, the usual thing is to install a client on our computer.

For those of you who don’t know, when we talk about a P2P client, we are actually referring to a program that we install so that share these torrent. In addition to being capable of uploading and downloading content with these characteristics, these applications offer us a good number of customization functions. Bandwidth allocation is important here, the amount of simultaneous connectionsthe use of ports, privacy and security, etc. With everything and with it, these clients that we refer to a priori are already configured so that we can use them from the first moment.

Likewise, the most advanced users will have the possibility of optimizing it through these functions and getting the most out of their downloads. The truth is that most of the proposals in this software sector are similar in terms of appearance. In the same way they share a good amount of functions and configuration parameters. We find both open source and closed source programs, so everyone can choose what interests them most in each case.

Choose well, this is the official program for Torrents

As you can imagine, when choosing a client for this type of task, we have a good number of proposals to choose from. Among the most popular we can mention solutions such as qBittorrentTransmission or uTorrent. As we tell you, its initial mode of operation is very similar. From there they have their differentiating points as it happens with the nature and open code of Transmissionor the search engine that qBittorrent offers us.

However, perhaps at some point you have wondered what is the program that could be considered as the official when using these files. In fact, it could be considered the most popular and used by both end users and large companies. Specifically, we refer to the solution called BitTorrent. Its name also corresponds to the protocol we use for peer-to-peer or P2P file sharing. It was designed by Bram Cohen in it year 2001.

In fact, they belong to the same firm, BitTorrent Inc. Hence, in this case we find what is considered the official client for Torrents. At the same time it is worth knowing that for some time now the uTorrent client also belongs to the same firm.

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