What is the satellite mode of the iPhone 14

iPhone 14 satellite connectivity

At yesterday’s event, almost all the rumors about the presentation of the new iPhone 14 and its functions were fulfilled. One of those that was not discussed at any time and therefore was a complete surprise was the satellite connectivity of the new model. This affects all iPhone 14 models regardless of their surname. They have the honor of being the first Apple products to have such technology. The only thing is that it will be able to be used as an emergency function, so it is not intended to replace regular cellular connectivity.

With the presentation of the new devices at yesterday’s event, Apple complied with almost all the rumors that have been produced in recent weeks. Taking into account that there were some differences, the presentation of this new functionality was quite a surprise because it had not been discussed. In addition, it so happens that they are the first devices that use it. We are referring to the iPhone 14 in all its versions and to the satellite calling function. It is considered as something in case of emergency. Something like the siren of the Apple Watch Ultra that can reach 96 db.

Before being able to use this new functionality that allows the user to call without the need for regular telephone coverage, satellite connectivity must be configured. We must find the signal before we can initiate communication. The iPhone 14 will guide us through the process for us to point the device in the right direction until the satellite connection is established. Apple notes that this feature only works outdoors with “a clear view of the sky.”

Once the iPhone is connected to the satellite, we may be able to call an emergency service when there is no cellular signal coverage from your carrier. Satellite connectivity can also be used to share your location with friends and family through Find My. As it connects to the satellites, the phone will ask a series of questions to determine whether the feature is being used responsibly and to gather as much information as possible: What is the emergency? Who needs help? and “Is anyone hurt? iPhone will send that information in a message to a local relay station.

Now the sledgehammer: This function It will only be available, for now, in the US and Canada from November. Spain will have to wait and I am afraid that a lot.

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