What is the version of Kodi that you should download and use on your PC?

Actually, here we are talking about an open source project that has been with us for a good number of years and that has not stopped growing and improving. This is largely achieved thanks to the constant updates that its developers send us little by little. Sometimes these are major updates where a new version was released, while other times we find minor updates that fix bugs and improve existing features. At this time we have the possibility to get hold of the relatively new Kodi 19 Matrix.

This is a new version of the software that has been around for several months but has been heavily surrounded by controversy. The main reason for all this has been the incompatibility of this new version with a multitude of complements or add-ons. At this point, it is worth mentioning that the main reason for these is that some of the add-ons they do not work on Kodi 19. This is something that has been warned about for a long time but few have heard.

Thus, as announced, the program development team decided to move from Python 2.7 to Python 3 in the application. Therefore, it is for this reason that add-ons created with the previous version of Python they don’t work on Kodi 19 Matrix. Some of the creators of these add-ons have updated their projects, but many others have not. That is why at this point many users now wonder which version of Kodi they should install on their equipment. This is precisely what we will talk about next.

It is best to install Kodi 19 Matrix

When program developers make available to their customers in the latest version of your project, it’s for a reason. Most of the time this is done to release new features, improve old ones, fix bugs, and patch vulnerabilities. This is something that also happens in the recent version of the program we are talking about, Kodi 19.

With this, what we want to tell you is that either to benefit from the latest functions or to use it in the safest way, this is the version that we should have installed on our computer.

Install Kodi 18 to use all add-ons

However, there are certain users who prioritize other sections when using this multimedia center. For example, we refer to those who use a good amount of installed plugins at Program. As we have mentioned before, when updating to the latest version of Kodi, it is possible that many of them have stopped working.

If these add-ons are key elements for the daily use of the program, surely more than one has suffered a significant upset. We tell you this because in the event that you prioritize the use of these add-ons that do not work, although it is not recommended, you can always use Kodi 18. This is the version of the program immediately prior to the current one, which despite lacking some functions and not being so safe, it uses Python 2.7, such as add-ons that have stopped working on Kodi 19 Matrix.

Of course, we must bear in mind that, when using an older version of the program, we run certain risks related to the Privacy and the security.

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