What is the VOD platform with the most content in 4K?

Although Full-HD screens are still the most widespread, 4K resolutions, especially on televisions, have become the new standard and it never hurts to know which VOD platform has more compatible content to take advantage of. After all, that’s why you buy a 4K TV, right?

And good What is the VOD platform with the most content in 4K? The question is asked and answered in How To Geek and although they put different services in the same bag, several of which are not available here in Spain, the main ones are not lacking, so the research continues to have value.

The answer, however, is not too surprising, at least if we stick to how the big video-on-demand services in the market share the cake. In other words, there are surprising data, but they are not the most outstanding… with some exceptions. According to what was published, from the site with the most 4k content that has the most, to the one with the least, the list looks like this:

  • Netflix: 1140+
  • Disney+: 800+
  • Amazon Prime Video: 720+
  • Paramount+: 160+
  • Hulu: 115+
  • Apple TV+: 80+
  • HBO Max: 30+
  • Peacock: 15+

According to what they say, the list is made by hand, because none of the platforms offer data about how much content is offered in 4K resolution, so they have to be taken as approximate numbers. However, the differences that are observed say it all, beyond the fact that some titles go up or down.

Netflix is ​​number one, which is not strange because in gross numbers it is the one that produces the greatest amount of content; The surprise may be found in Disney+, but also in Apple TV+, they are no longer the oldest, but their figures are compelling; and then there’s HBO Max, which if it has to give something, it’s a pity.

That said, this information needs to be qualified a bit, both with regard to the original publication -they already qualify some data as well- and its interpretation on this side of the Atlantic, because things are not the same here and there.

For example, it is well known that, in general, the catalogs of all platforms are more copious in the United States than in Europe, so it is more likely that there will be more 4K content there than here. Likewise, while in the United States the listed services can be contracted separately, not here and much of Hulu’s content can be found on Disney+ (Disney owns Hulu), but also on HBO Max.

All these variants will vary, therefore and without redundancy, the numbers shown above. Despite this, it does not give the impression, knowing the offer of all the platforms that are marketed here, that the percentages were going to be very different.

Other interesting information in this regard is that yes, Netflix is ​​the one that has the most things in 4K, but… It is the only one that charges you more for it. Although Netflix’s most expensive plan also expands connected devices at the same time, contracting it is an essential requirement to enjoy 4K and if we add to this the mediocre nature of its catalog, it seems like an excessive expense.

Finally, there is the usual reserve, and that is that although there are differences when watching a video in Full-HD or in 4K, quality reduction to lighten the weight of the files in transmission to which the services submit their content in 4K, makes it not the same to see something in 4K in one or the other, let alone if that transmission is compared with playing local content.

There are many details that a list that seems easy to process like the one exposed leaves anyone who wants to delve a little into it. But that’s what there is.

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