What is the XSD format used in TicketBAI?

As we have already been reporting in recent days, the TicketBAI billing system for the Basque region will be a reality in a few months, and its mandatory application will depend on the province. In any case, the implementation of the system will require a adaptation of the management software that the entrepreneur is using at that time, or digitization from scratch, if the invoices were still made by hand.

Either way, when it comes to generate and upload the files to the TicketBAI platform, it will have to be done with a specific format: XSD. This computerized mechanism is necessary for the correct sending and cancellation of invoices. But what is an XSD schema?

It is a technical mechanism capable of verifying the validity of the documents in XML format. This system is capable of defining the structure of the latter, that is: what types of data it has, elements, attributes, how many times they are repeated, their order of appearance, etc. They are similar to DTD schemes, but with more advantages:

  • Various tags and different vocabularies can be mixed.
  • They specify quite precisely how many times an element can appear in the document (the cardinality of an element).
  • You can check if the document is well formed
  • A large amount of predefined data can be expanded or restricted, with the possibility of creating new attributes or elements.

The only one disadvantage What this model has, with respect to the DTD, is that it is much more difficult to interpret by the human eye. In other words, it is a format made for computers.

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