What news will we see this year in Windows 10 21H2?

Although there was much talk of 21H2 as a great update, «Sun valley“This will actually be a new minor update that will again continue to debug and complete the 2004 version of the operating system. What’s more, with the arrival of Windows 11, it is likely that Windows 10 will no longer see new major updates, although we will be able to see minor feature updates like these every few months.

21H2 will reach all users for free in the second half of this year (between October and November, specifically), and, moreover, it will do so even before the new windows. And, although we should not expect big changes or news for this operating system, 21H2 will bring some changes like these.

First news of Windows 10 21H2

One of the first novelties that we will find in the new 21H2 of Windows 10 is that, finally, we will be able to use Windows Hello with external webcams. Until now, this security measure was only compatible with cameras included within laptop screens. This was a problem, especially for desktop PCs and for users who use laptops in dock mode, or closed and connected to an external display. Without a doubt, a great feature that we will also see in Windows 11.

Set up Windows Hello - Webcam 1

Another interesting novelty that we will find will be that TPM will be compatible with Intel Tiger Lake platforms and higher. Additionally, for business users, Microsoft will provide on-demand features and language packs through WSUS. Non-administrator users will also be able to change the display language.

Finally, Microsoft also prepares improvements for Universal Print and Windows Autopilot, although these news have not yet been revealed.

Upgrade to 11 or extend the life of 10?

Many users will wonder if it is better to install the new Microsoft operating system or if, on the contrary, we should continue using Windows 10. The truth is that, as the saying goes, if something goes well it is better not to touch it. It is true that 11 is a Windows 10 that has gone through sheet metal and paint, but it does not bring big changes under the hood. So it shouldn’t give us trouble. But it is a very new system, and it sure does.

If we are experienced users, who like to always be up to date, then we can make the leap to Windows 11 as soon as it is available at the end of the year. However, if we do not care much about the news and we prefer that what works do well, then we must continue using Windows 10. At least until we see that Windows 11 does not give problems.

Either way, to Windows 10 he still has more than 4 years to live. Therefore, we will not have any problem if we decide to use it.

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