What NIVIDIA drivers should you install for The Last of Us to work well?

We have already told you about the disaster that the launch of The Last of Us Part I on PC. Since it arrived in stores on March 28, 2023, there have been user complaints we are not able to make it work in many configurations. Although there is one of them that is especially critical and has to do with the graphics model that we have installed on the computer.

Finally a patch arrives

It was obvious from the first moment that Sony had to stop that hemorrhage of bad reviews received by his game from the moment of its launch and for this reason he has already published a first update that comes to try to calm the waters. At the moment it seems that it has succeeded, although there are a number of scenarios in which this update cannot act.

It’s about the drivers of NVIDIA graphics cards, the RTX 30 series that caused crashes of the game randomly, leaving us with a good part of the progress achieved in nothing when losing everything due to these crashes. Unfortunately, the patch does not work in these circumstances and users can only fix it by referring to the software version official that we have installed on the PC.

So according to Sony, all those who have these problems -especially located in the RTX of the 30 series- they should update right now drivers card to version 531.58. And do it before going back into The Last of Us Part I because, if not, they will return crashes in the middle of the game. So remember to confirm that the game has been updated to the build and, in addition, you have installed the latest from NIVIDIA.

What other problems does it solve?

In addition to recommending the installation of those drivers for the graphics cards mentioned above, Sony has released with the patch some notes in which he outlines everything he has corrected. Which are not a few things.

Here below, you have exactly everything that has just been fixed although, surely, you have noticed other problems that are not covered and that, we imagine, will be corrected in future patches:

  • Fixed an issue that caused the player’s movement readings to stick on the Xbox controller will be misinterpreted – as zeros – for short periods of time.
  • Also fixed an issue where the “Restore Defaults” function within the Graphics menu in Settings could cause “wrong selections”.
  • Fixed an issue where the HUD performance info panel would be affected when activated.
  • Fixed an issue where it was possible to crash when using [ALT+ENTRAR] to toggle between Full Screen and Window modes.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause a memory error during the transition process from the endgame to the credits sequence.
  • Also fixed a bug that could cause a complete crash during game startup.
  • Lastly, new crash report logs have been added to “provide more information to developers”.

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