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A lot happened in February. Between the release of the new DC Infinite series, and that of the comics Horizon Zero Dawn, literary news has been rich in novelties. A short tour of our favorites of the moment.


Screenplay by Martias Istolainen, drawing by Maribel Conejero – 88 pages
Published on January 21, 2022 by Le Lombard editions – €12.45

comic cosplay
© Amandine Jonniaux / JDG

As he prepares to parade at Comic-kon in his Batman cosplay, Abel finds himself in spite of himself embroiled in a hostage situation, as terrorists invade the convention. Surrounded by more or less successful doubles of his heroes, the teenager will also have to show courage. A nice surprise for teenagers and older children by Martias Istolainen, which honors pop culture in a mix of effective genres, between initiatory story and thriller.

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Horizon Zero Dawn (T01)

Screenplay by Anne Toole, drawing by Ann Maulina – 128 pages
Published on February 3, 2022 by Mana Books editions – 15€

Horizon Zero Dawn Comics
© Amandine Jonniaux / JDG

Published just a few weeks before the release of the shutter Horizon Forbidden Westthis first volume of the comic book series Horizon Zero Dawn is above all a bet for Guerilla Games: that of build a video game universe so vast that it would be able to transcend supports. Successful bet, since after several cameos in the games fortnite, Genshin Impact, Fall Guys, and even a set of LEGO bricks, Aloy is now available on glossy paper from Mana Books editions.

Direct sequel to the first game, the comic Horizon takes place just before the events of Forbidden West. The opportunity for the reader and for the characters to take a break, while being interested in Talanah, the new Sun-Falcon of the Hunters’ Pavilion. A good surprise at the start of the year, this three-volume mini-series should delight fans, but also allow novices to immerse themselves in the rich lore of the saga.

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The Mask Carnival

Screenplay by Rich Hedden and Bob Fingerman, art by Goran Delic and Sibin – 200 pages
Published on February 4, 2022 by Delirium editions – 24€

The Mask Carnival BD
© Amandine Jonniaux / JDG

After three crazy opuses, The Mask come back for a masterful conclusion at Delirium. A fourth volume that completes the character’s integrality in two independent adventures, as cruel as they are brutal. Far from the zany and family character embodied by Jim Carrey in Chuck Russell’s 1994 film, the comics The Mask consecrate the character as a violent, dark and unpredictable fanatic. The work of Bob Fingerman and Sibin in particular, allows the mini-series attic toys, to reconnect with the origins of the cult license created by Mike Richardson. A pleasure for the eyes, to be reserved for an adult and informed public, who will not be offended by a little (a lot) of gratuitous violence.

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Sandman: The Dreaming (T01)

Screenplay by Neil Gaiman and Simon Spurrier, collective drawing – 280 pages
Published on February 11, 2022 by Urban Comics editions – 23€

Sandman The Dreaming BD
© Amandine Jonniaux / JDG

Despite being canceled en route to the United States, the Sandman Universe is expanding a bit more this year. After a main series that has become cult, and the publication at the end of last year of Death, the anthology devoted to the character of Death, Urban Comics this time attacks the Kingdom of dreams, with a dark and bloody fable. A way for the French publisher to prepare the ground, while a series adaptation is planned for this year on Netflix.

After American Gods, Good Omens and The Eternals, the prolific Neil Gaiman proves once again the full extent of his talent. The British author signs with several hands one of the most important works of his Sandman Universe, in a surgical and dreamlike graphic style. Direct sequel to the main series, The Dreaming is an already cult epic, which Urban Comics is happy to publish in French.

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Batman: The Animated Adaptations

Screenplay by Kelley Puckett, art by Mike Parobeck and Joe Staton – 136 pages
Published on February 18, 2022 by Urban Comics editions – 10€

Batman the animated comic adaptations
© Amandine Jonniaux / JDG

With its wacky and colorful cartoon style, this new paper adaptation of Batman: The animated series sign a beautiful tribute to the animated wanderings of the dark knight by Bruce Timm and Paul Dini. Officially accessible from the age of six, this independent adventure published by Urban Kids should also make a strong impression on adults, especially if, like us, you grew up in the 1990s.

In the direct line of the series Batman Adventures, Gotham Girl and Batman: The New Adventures (still at Urban Kids), this complete story orchestrated by Kelley Puckett, and illustrated by Mike Parobeck and Joe Staton features Batman in a delicate situation. The opportunity to discover the terrible Phantasm, unknown figure created in 1993 by Bruce Timm and Paul Dini in the animated film Batman vs. the Masked Ghostfrom which the comic strip is based.

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Batman Imposter

Screenplay by Mattson Tomlin, drawing by Andrea Sorrentino – 176 pages
Published on February 25, 2022 by Urban Comics editions – 18€

Batman Imposter Comics
© Amandine Jonniaux / JDG

Three years already that Bruce Wayne took on the role of the Batman. While the young man is just beginning to assume his mask of vigilante, an imposter seizes his image to assassinate former thugs. The superhero goes from vigilante to criminal, and quickly finds himself with all the Gotham police on their heels. Mature and complex, this new adventure never before seen in France is a slap in the face, both visually and script-wise. It is no coincidence that she is on the official reading list of Matt Reeves’ film: in addition to being a renowned author, Mattson Tomlin also worked as a co-screenwriter on The Batman.

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Joker Infinite (T01)

Screenplay by James Tynion IV, drawing by Guillem March and Mirka Andolfo – 160 pages
Published on February 25, 2022 by Urban Comics editions – 16€

Joker Infinite Comic
© Amandine Jonniaux / JDG

It was time for Gotham’s biggest criminal to get a series in his image. However, it is not the evil clown who imposes himself as the main character of Joker Infinite, but James Gordon. Traumatized by the brutal death of his son, and still scarred by the events of Killing Joke, the commissioner intends to forget his ethics to kill once and for all the criminal on the run.

Direct continuation of The Laughing Batman, this psychological thriller will turn Gordon into an avenger on behalf of a mysterious client, in search of a Joker who is enjoying an early retirement in South America. With her breathless storytelling and its mature aesthetic, Joker Infinite is a real good surprise, to the point that we almost forget that the super villain is not the main character of his adventure. A very nice surprise which is a continuation of the first publications DC Infinite Frontier.

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Harley Quinn Infinite (T01)

Screenplay by Stephanie Philips, drawing by Riley Rossmo – 216 pages
Published on February 25, 2022 by Urban Comics editions – 20€

Harley Quinn Infinite Comics
© Amandine Jonniaux / JDG

Permanently emancipated from the Joker, Harler is now trying to help the bat-family as best she can, while using her skills as a psychiatrist to save the people of Gotham from the manipulations of her ex-boyfriend. We were impatiently waiting for it, Harley Quinn did not disappoint us in the end. Visually, the work of Riley Rossmo is a total success, which manages to renew the character in a wacky cartoon style, which definitely has nothing to envy to the excellent run of Amanda Palmer and Jimmy Palmiotti in New52.

Funny, cruel and with a depth that continues to increase over the series, Harleen Quinzel definitely stands out as one of the most interesting characters and the most endearing of the batverse. We can’t wait to find out what’s next.

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BEM (T1)

Script and drawing by Mosahe Nohara, based on an idea by ADK Emotions – 200 pages
Published on February 9, 2022 by Panini Manga editions – €8.29

BEM Panini BD
© Amandine Jonniaux / JDG

In love with an acute thirst for justice, the police officer Sonia Summers one day asks for her transfer to the Outside, the lower district of Libra-City where the underworld and corruption abound. The young woman then sets off in pursuit of a mysterious killer nicknamed the Waterman, capable of turning into liquid to drown its victims. Helped by a disturbing stranger, she will also have to get used to the customs of a new neighborhood that is not really welcoming.

With a whirlwind start that barely leaves us time to breathe, BEM signs a breathless and disturbing first volume, between thriller and supernatural. The twists sometimes lack originality, but Sonia’s story is gripping and rhythmic enough to grab us from the first pages, and leave us hungry when the time comes. With its questioning of humanity and justice, this Seinen already looks particularly promising.

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