What possibilities does the Raspberry Pi offer to play?

Retro: the strongest pillar of the Raspberry Pi

One of the most common uses for this microcomputer is simply turning it into a retro console. We can find a wide variety of systems specially designed to play, such as RetroPie or Lakka, which come with everything we need so that we only have to put the ROMS of the consoles we want and start playing.

There are also programs (emulators, come on) that we can install on any other distro (like Raspberry Pi OS) and that will allow us the same. RetroArch (Libretro) is, of course, the best known. But we also have other excellent alternatives that also allow us to play and have fun. And one of them is Kodi itself, with its arcade section.

Nintendo emulator

Although it is true that the first versions of this micro-computer could be somewhat limited in terms of power, version 3, and especially 4, are powerful enough to be able to move without problems practically any retro console that we throw on it. Certainly one of the best uses for this PC.

Play, learn and have fun

But not everything is games as such. The Raspberry Pi has also become an excellent gaming and learning platform, thanks to which the little ones (and not so little ones) can learn electronics, and even programming, while having fun.

One of the applications that is installed by default on this micro-computer is Scratch. This programming language stands out for helping the development of mental skills by learning programming without having deep knowledge about the code. This, together with a very simple and fun interface, helps make it a very interesting resource for the little ones.


We can also use the Raspberry for other types of learning while having fun with it.

And what about powerful games?

If what we are looking for is to run powerful games, then things change. Despite being a relatively powerful device, when it comes to processing 3D graphics the power is much more limited. To this we must add that we do not have a Windows operating system as such, but everything works on Linux. And not on the same Linux that we can run at home, but on Linux versions for ARM. All this greatly closes the possibilities of using the Raspberry Pi to play games, for example, from Steam.

We must be aware that a 40 euro micro-computer cannot be as powerful as a 1200 computer. And the purpose of each one is totally different. Despite this, this micro-computer is powerful enough to serve as an entertainment center with the options we have seen previously.

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