What premieres to see this August Ecuador on HBO Max, Netflix and Amazon

What to watch on HBO Max

Do you think if you give a chance to a movie by Steven Spielberg himself? The director released the film in 2017 The Post: The dark secrets of the Pentagon, a title that stars Meryl Streep, Tom Hanks and Sarah Paulson, among others. In it, a US State Department soldier decides to massively leak classified documents about the Vietnam War to the press. The scandal, as expected, does not take long to jump after such an event.

What to watch on Netflix

The red N catalog updates its titles weekly with powerful releases and this week was not going to be less. To see this weekend we have two proposals for you: season 3 of Lock&Key, which premiered this Wednesday to the delight of all fans. The fiction returns with 8 episodes this time (instead of the usual 10) with which it will close a story that, although it has not convinced all the readers of the story, has managed to gain a good legion of followers.

Today the Spanish film also premieres Code: Emperor, directed by Jorge Coira and starring Luis Tosar and Alexandra Masangkay. In it, Juan, who works for the secret services, establishes a relationship with Wendy, a housekeeper whose owners are related to arms trafficking. In turn, he also works for very powerful people, being involved in a controversial case with a politician from whom he will have to uncover more than one dirty rag.

What to watch on Amazon Prime Video

Do you feel like watching a reality show on Amazon Prime Video? give a chance to Cosmic Love. It is an American program in which four people are advised by an astrologer or mystical guide to find the love of their life. They will live together in a luxurious house meeting many people until they find their ideal partner.

An Amazon Original series is also released within the catalog, A League of Their Ownwhich takes us back a few decades to meet a group of women who dreamed of playing professional baseball, no less, and who were part of the professional league during World War II.

It stars Abbi Jacobson, D’Arcy Carden and Priscilla Delgado, among others, and has received good reviews, presenting us with a nice story, in a comedy key, where they do not hesitate to address the sexuality or racism problems of the time. It consists of 8 episodes. You’re already late.

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