What premieres to see this weekend on Netflix, HBO Max, Amazon and more

We are in the middle of Saturday and you are probably already making your plans to discover new series and movies on your streaming platform favorite. Wait a minute, don’t you know what to watch? So here we are to get you out of uncertainty: these are our proposals for premieres to enjoy the weekend.

What premieres to watch on Netflix

Surely you have seen the occasional advertisement or promo for this new Spanish film that opens today. We refer to phenomena, a film in a humorous tone but with paranormal overtones in which we have Belén Rueda, Toni Acosta and Gracia Olayo as protagonists of the party and which is inspired by the Hepta Group, a very active team dedicated to the study of paranormal phenomena in our country.

Set in the late 90s, here we find Sagrario, Paz and Gloria, who, together with Father Girón, form a specialized team called Hepta, focused on events that science cannot explain. The group does not have its best moment but then they receive the invitation to investigate an antique shop where strange things are happening and that will become the most difficult mission they have ever faced.

If you prefer something diametrically opposite, then you can give the first season of Obsession, a new miniseries that came to the catalog yesterday to tell us the story of how a renowned surgeon becomes obsessed with his son’s fiancée. It is an erotic thriller starring Richard Armitage, Charlie Murphy, Indira Varma and Rish Shah.

What to watch on HBO Max

We imagine that by now you’ve seen it, but in case you haven’t and you’ve escaped all kinds of spoilers -my respect-, know that episode 3 of season 4 of succession It is available from Monday on the HBO Max platform. It is titled “Connor’s Wedding” and in it we will see how the Roy brothers gather to celebrate the wedding of the oldest in the family while Logan, the patriarch, continues to test them from a distance. We will not advance you further, but we will tell you that many say that it has become one of the best episodes in the history of television.

The premiere of the week on Amazon Prime Video

are you a fan of The wonderful Mrs. Maisel? Well, you know that the series comes to an end with its fifth and final season. This is what the Prime Video synopsis reads: “After an epiphany in front of a poster of The Gordon Ford Show, Midge is ready to go ahead and fight her way to fame, equipped with her quick wit, smooth talk and nothing to lose. In the fifth and final season, Midge will be closer to the success she’s dreamed of, but she discovers that even though she’s gotten closer, she’s still too far away.”

What to see on Disney+

The mouse platform leaves us a new chapter of its successful series The Mandalorian, based on the Star Wars universe, but it is not the only premiere of the week. You will also find in its catalog the arrival of Everything’s finea miniseries of Brazilian origin and focused on youth audiences in which its protagonist will discover the true meaning of success.

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