What premieres to see this weekend on Netflix, HBO Max and Amazon

If you’ve just sat down in front of the TV and you have no idea what the hell to watch among so much on offer, we’re here to help you: we’ll suggest three titles below (two series and a movie, to be more exact) available on Netflix, HBO Max and Amazon Prime Video with which you are going to be quite entertained. You just have to choose and hit play.

What to watch on Netflix

You must live in a bunker not to have heard about the premiere of the second season of The Bridgertons. And it is that the great adaptation of the literary saga of Julia Quinn returns to the Netflix catalog to the delight of all those who were hooked on the stories of the British family.

It is true that the Duke of Hastings is no longer with us -something that many will not forgive-, but the second installment, focused on Anthony, the eldest of the brothers, and his relationship with the Sheffields, promises to entertain enough to be We forgot who Simon was. Remember that each season is focused on a book in the saga, and this second specifically on the one entitled “The Viscount Who Loved Me”.

A series that has already given Netflix a lot of joy with its premiere, becoming one of the most watched in history, and that seems to revalidate its title: according to the critics who have already been able to see the proposal, the Season 2 It is just as entertaining as 1 or even more, with a story that everyone will like and fall in love with.

The thing promises.

What to watch on HBO max

Within the HBO catalog our bet goes to Moorings. This new series, which premiered a few days ago on the content platform, is of Mexican origin and has Gabriela de la Garza, Juan Pablo Medina and Hugo Catalán in its cast.

In it you will meet Ana, the granddaughter of a former mooring woman, who after finding herself in a very difficult economic situation, decides to recover the family tradition in order to prevent her ex-husband from taking custody of their children. But what is a mooring? Well, nothing less than a spell, performed by “witches”, capable of “tying” two hearts under their will.

From there you can already imagine the kind of stories that will come… Or, better yet, check it out in the trailer.

What to watch on Amazon Prime Video

If you like terror, you will like Amazon’s proposal. The platform opens just today Friday The grandmothera Spanish horror film with Almudena Amor, Vera Valdez and Karina Kolokolchykova, among others.

You will see how Susana, a model who lives in Paris, is forced to return to Madrid when they call her to tell her that her grandmother, who is like her second mother, has just suffered a stroke. The protagonist will decide to take care of her relative for a few days while she finds someone to help her without knowing that some terrifying moments await her.

The film received a fairly good review from the specialized press, which highlights the staging and especially the direction of Paco Plaza. A tape that you will enjoy if you like the genre and want something a little different.

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