What premieres to see this weekend on Netflix, HBO Max and Amazon

If you were waiting like crazy for Friday to arrive to put on your pajamas and start enjoying a good series or movie on the sofa at home, we have just what you need next: a selection with the proposals that yes or yes you have to enjoy this weekend in Netflix, HBO Max and/or Amazon Prime Video. You just make sure you have the popcorn nearby. We take care of the rest.

What to watch on Netflix

Without a doubt, our bet within the red N catalog goes to part 1 of the fourth season of Ozarks. The great series created by Bill Dubuque and Mark Williams has undoubtedly been one of the most affected by the pandemic, suffering a break that finally ends today. We will thus enjoy again the adventures of Marty Byrde, his wife Wendy and the rest of his family, increasingly in trouble because of money laundering.

This first part of the fourth season will show us how things continue for the financial advisor after having the FBI on him and, of course, Navarro, head of the Mexican cartel. By the way, in case you are totally lost -normally, the last episode was “aired” in March 2020-, know that there is a summary on Netflix of the third season to recover the thread and that your head does not explode.

What to watch on HBO Max

Some experts say that Somebody Somewhere it’s the new sensation on the platform and hey, maybe they’re right. If you want to check it out for yourself, we recommend that you give its first episode a chance (it only lasts – for better or for worse – half an hour), in which you’ll meet Sam Miller, a Kanseña – yes, that’s what the from Kansas – who struggles to fit in with his hometown while dealing with problems of his own.

Especially noteworthy is the interpretation of Bridget Everett, protagonist and producer of this comedy series whose trailer you have below.

What to watch on Amazon Prime Video

The Amazon streaming platform -which you can access if you are Prime, remember- only released two new titles this week, of which we are left with As We See It. In this comedy, you’ll meet Jack, Harrison, and Violet, a group of roommates on the autism spectrum who struggle to fit in and function in the world, get and keep their jobs, make friends, and, of course, fall in love. .

The drama-comedy series is produced by Amazon Studios and has received very good reviews from the specialized press who call it emotional and at the same time entertaining and nice. A different vision that surely helps many to empathize and bring this disorder closer to those who do not know it.

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