What products does Apple sell now? This is how 2021 ends

The year is not over yet, but we could say that it has for Apple. The Cupertino company, except for surprise, will not launch anything else this year. Therefore, it is a good time to review how your catalog of products and prices, covering several lines of devices to which who knows if in 2022 some more will have to be added.

From iPhone SE to iPhone 13

From 2007 until today Apple is not understood without the iPhone. The company’s star product can already be named in the plural, because it is not one but several iPhones that the company currently sells both in its online store and in the Apple Store.

iphone 13 pro apple

  • iPhone SE (2nd gen.): from 489 euros
  • iPhone 11: from 589 euros
  • iPhone 12 mini: from 689 euros
  • iPhone 12: from 809 euros
  • iPhone 13 mini: from 809 euros
  • iPhone 13: from 909 euros
  • iPhone 13 Pro: from 1,159 euros
  • iPhone 13 Pro Max: from 1,259 euros

Many Macs and almost no Intel

Computers are Apple’s past, but also the present, and they aim higher and higher for the future. With its range of M1 chips and its derivatives ‘Pro’ and ‘Max’, the company closes the year with several lines of Mac for all types of audiences.

macbook pro 16 2021

  • MacBook Air (M1): from 1,129 euros
  • MacBook Pro (13 ″ M1): from 1,499 euros
  • MacBook Pro (14 ″ M1 Pro / Max): from 2,249 euros
  • MacBook Pro (16 ″ M1 Pro / Max): from 2,749 euros
  • Mac mini (M1): from 799 euros
  • Mac mini (Intel): from 1,259 euros
  • Mac Pro (Intel): from 6,499 euros
  • iMac (21.5 ″ Intel): from 1,249 euros
  • iMac (24 ″ M1): from 1,449 euros
  • iMac (27 ″ Intel): from 1,999 euros

iPad of all colors

With four new iPads in 2021, the company continues its strategy of offering tablets for all types of audiences. And yes, as we said in the title, also with all kinds of color.

ipad mini 6 2021

  • iPad (9th gen.): from 379 euros
  • iPad mini (6th gen.): from 549 euros
  • iPad Air (4th gen.): from 649 euros
  • iPad Pro (11 ″ M1): from 879 euros
  • iPad Pro (12.9 ″ M1): from 1,199 euros

Apple Watch with many variants in 3 generations

The company’s watches remain among the most popular and, although the ‘Series 6’ is gone, the company continues to offer other versions including the brand new ‘Series 7’.

Apple Watch Series 7

  • Apple Watch Series 3: from 219 euros
  • Apple Watch SE: from 299 euros
  • Apple Watch Series 7: from 429 euros

Apple TV is still offered in two versions

Although the 4K version of 2017 was removed, Apple released another version in this resolution with interesting internal improvements and even a new controller that is also available on the HD model.

apple tv 4k 2021

  • Apple TV HD: 159 euros
  • Apple TV 4K (2021): from 199 euros

Music with HomePods, AirPods and even iPod

In audio devices, Apple is more than enough. One more generation of AirPods this year, HomePod mini now in more colors and already without the big HomePod. And, hard to believe, with the iPod touch still on sale.

airpods 3

  • HomePod mini: 99 euros
  • AirPods (2nd gen.): 149 euros
  • AirPods (3rd gen.): 199 euros
  • AirPods Pro: 279 euros
  • AirPods Max: 629 euros
  • iPod touch (7th gen.): from 239 euros

But that is not all…

Although the above are obviously the most prominent, Apple also offers a multitude of accessories like covers for those computers, keyboards, mice … Even screens like the Pro Display XDR. And beyond its own brand, it is possible to find accessories from other brands such as the popular DJI drones or game console controllers compatible with iPhone, iPad, Apple TV and company.

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