What programming languages ​​does RPG Maker use?

At the moment there are several engines that greatly facilitate the creation of our own video games. A clear example of all this can be found in RPG Makera software solution accessible to most and that allows us to delve into this interesting sector of software development.

As is the case with practically all of this type of platform, one of the main advantages that RPG Maker offers us is its ease of use. With this, what we really want to tell you is that we will have the possibility of starting to work in this type of environment without being programming experts. This means that we can start with our new game projects for all types of platforms without having experience in it. Obviously in most cases the fact of having certain knowledge in some programming language will help us.

And it is that in these times a multitude of users are gradually launching themselves into the world of software development. While some opt for creating a certain type of applications, others are part of large projects, or launch into the world of video games. Whatever the choice, the truth is that today we can obtain much more satisfactory and striking results than years ago, with less effort. In the event that we have opted for the aforementioned entertainment sector, we can use engines such as Unity, Uneal Engine or RPG Maker.

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They offer us a series of functions and characteristics with which we can obtain truly spectacular results. But to a large extent all this will depend on our patience, knowledge and creativity.

Programming languages ​​that I can use in RPG Maker

But as we mentioned before, having previous knowledge about some programming languages will always help us in this regard. Everything will depend on the levels we want to reach in the development of these contents or the type of environment in which we create them. Entering this sector for personal entertainment is not the same as for professional reasons as part of a company.

A good part of the work that we can carry out in this development engine that we are commenting on is done to create role-playing games. Here we have the possibility of creating all kinds of maps and characters in a simple or more personalized way. To begin with, we will tell you that we have the possibility of creating different RGSS scripts which are based on the popular ruby programming language. This began to be used in RPG Maker XP, we refer to Ruby Game Scripting Systemthus providing the platform with programming capabilities.

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It is worth mentioning that a little later and in order to extend the sectors of games to be created here, the C++ language support. After and after the arrival of RPG Maker MV in the past year 2015, the programming of scripts in RPG Maker went from the aforementioned Ruby to Javascript. Therefore, to get the most out of developing our own games on this engine, it is very likely that we have previous knowledge in Ruby, C++ and Javascript be of great help to us.

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