What storage is needed for an iPad with Final Cut Pro?

If you are considering subscribing to the version of Final Cut Pro for iPad, you have to stop and think that, in the event that you are going to buy an iPad for it, the SSD storage cannot be expanded later, so we are going to have to constantly using external hard drives or subscribed to iCloud storage plan. Therefore, in this article we are going to see how to choose the right amount of storage for your iPad if you have in mind to use Final Cut Pro X.

How much storage is needed on your iPad?

Before we dive into the storage memory required to work smoothly on your iPad, it’s important to remember that iPads that have access to Final Cut Pro are the units incorporating the Apple Silicon processor first and second generation, that is, the fifth generation iPad Air and the last two versions of the iPad Pro.

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He iPad Air count with one 64 GB initial storage, a tiny storage capacity if you want to exploit the benefits of this professional software from Apple. However, the entry version of the iPad Pro It is not much broader either, since, starting with a total of 128GBa fairly small capacity, so that, when you have a large project and several applications installed such as Pixelmator, Figma or the Adobe suite, you will have very serious space problems, which will force you to constantly use the Apple iCloud or an external SSD hard drive.

The ideal storage: 256 GB or 512 GB?

When we are going to buy an iPad or an Apple product, we always have to think about long term, since, they are devices that are going to be with us for 5-6 years perfectly with exceptional performance. Therefore, the capacity that you think can be good for you now, in a short time can be insufficient.

Under this premise, the 256 GB option could be recommended for semi-professional users who are not going to give a leap of quality in its edition. This memory is what Apple offers in its entry-level Macs, and allows you to install a multitude of complex programs such as DaVinci Resolve, Affinity Photo or the entire Adobe suite.

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Of course, if you are going to take any professional training, university or you plan to increase your workflow in the realm of video editing, the 256GB option may perhaps fall short in the long run.

Therefore, the option of 512 GB of internal storage could be the ideal option for many users, especially for those who use the subscription of Final Cut Pro on iPad in a professional way and they go looking for one perfect tune between the Mac and the iPad, and who are looking to work on the go and that means not having to carry too many external accessories.

the ultimate choice

The input storage versions on the iPad Air and iPad Pro are insufficient for most users, therefore, we are going to have to add an extra amount to the purchase of the product beyond accessories such as the keyboard and the Apple Pencil.

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Therefore, the most recommended option, regardless of the version you use, is 512GBa standard memory that remains above 256 GB, a fair amount for many users and below 1 TB, storage, perhaps excessive and that most users will not use, what these resources can allocate to acquire more RAM memory in the Pro version.


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