What Stream Deck do I need to live like a pro?

If you are considering a Stream Deck for your live broadcasts, either through video or only in radio mode, then you may be wondering which is the best model. Well, we have decided to make a small quick guide so that you can choose the version you need without paying more or falling short in the process.

The Stream Deck has become one of the essential elements for streaming content through the most popular platforms. It is what we call a Macropad created by ElGato where each of the keys is a small miniLCD screen that, when pressed, performs a function that we have programmed for it. Thus, the broadcaster does not have to spend time navigating through menus to perform a series of basic functions.

However, there are many versions of the Stream Deck on the market, and all of them have the ability to automate functions of Twitch, YouTube, OBS, Streamlabs and many other applications or services that are essential for streaming with a single button. content in real time over the internet. That is, what we usually call streaming today.

What is the best streaming deck?

Basically, the different Stream Deck options on the market differ in the number of buttons they come with, but generally they all share a set of base specs. How, for example, to be able to configure a command or a succession of them in one of the buttons and its compatibility not only with Windows, but also with Apple computers.

Stream Deck

So, what is the version of the Stream Deck that I need to be able to perform my live shows? Well, it will depend on the use you want to give your direct. Although it is essential to take into account what buttons and actions you think you will need to take your broadcasts live. Not everyone is going to organize their buttons the same way.

folder buttons Stream Deck Mini Stream Deck /MK.2 Stream Deck XL
0 6 fifteen 32
1 10 28 62
3 9 36 87

It must be taken into account that we not only have the functions and icons that we see on the screen, but we can also configure several folder accesses that give us a new collection of actions that we can execute directly. That is why the Stream Deck allows us to automatically do more actions than buttons. That is why we have made a simple table for you, so that you know the number of actions that you can automate in the Stream Deck with one or two button presses.

Steram Deck Mini
Steram Deck Mini Steram Deck Mini Steram Deck Mini Steram Deck Mini Steram Deck Mini Steram Deck Mini Steram Deck Mini Steram Deck Mini Steram Deck Mini Steram Deck Mini Steram Deck Mini Steram Deck Mini Steram Deck Mini Steram Deck Mini Steram Deck Mini Steram Deck Mini



Conclusions and some advice

From the personal experience of the person who writes this, the most recommended is not to have more than 3 action folders in our Stream Deck and in the event that we are using the Mini model with only 1 button for them, it is enough, since it will give us access to 10 buttons in total. Which for video streaming may not be enough, but if you dedicate yourself to the world of podcasts then it will serve you without problems. As for the 15-button models, they are the ones we recommend to everyone who broadcasts alone, and we only recommend the 32-button model if you are going to work in a group and need to control the broadcast of several people at the same time.

Stream Deck Streaming

So it will depend on what you want to do, yes, keep in mind the controls that you are going to use in a live show, some are very obvious and others are not. Therefore, we recommend you to do a live test for yourselves and write down which actions you are going to use more. Those will be the ones that you should automate to make it easier for you to control the broadcast and so that you don’t have to worry about more than your direct and not the technical paraphernalia that surrounds it.

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