What streaming platforms can I watch for free on Nintendo Switch?

Currently, the Nintendo Switch is the only traditional handheld console on the market. Although it can be connected to the television through its integrated dock, it is the only one with its own catalog. However, the hardware of these has evolved to be able to do more than play games. Which are the streaming services for Nintendo Switch to be able to watch our favorite series and movies?

The first portable console with multimedia capabilities in history was the PSP or PlayStation Portable from SONY, until then they did not have the technical capacity to play movies. Moreover, it can be said that this device greatly influenced the development of the first iPhone, which was presented in its first generation as a widescreen iPod. Then came streaming content and mobile apps and from there to what we have today. Secondly, Nintendo’s Nintendo Switch uses smartphone hardwarespecific an NVIDIA Tegra X1 chipHowever, the Kyoto company is very reluctant to approve the applications for its console.

Is the Nintendo Switch good for streaming content?

Well, the answer is no, the problem with video game consoles compared to PC and mobile phones is that no game or application can appear for the platform without the approval of the corresponding manufacturer. It has to be said that Nintendo is a brand of great games and one that everyone plays, but they have an incredible fun with many things.

Nintendo Switch Streaming Hului

That is why its internet is poor and lacks online functions that other platforms have. The objective? Protect minors or rather not put them in the eye of the hurricane. And this has a lot to do with the platforms that we have available for the console, although this is somewhat hypocritical on their part as well and you will soon know why.

What streaming platforms can I watch on my Nintendo Switch?

  • The only audiovisual content streaming service with content that is not for children or family is Hulu and this is very much in the doldrums in recent times, since options that are not available such as Amazon Prime, Netflix, HBO and Disney + have a much better catalog. We don’t know what makes us not have the content of these platforms, especially the last one, which is more in line with the type of average user of Nintendo consoles.
  • Obviously, YouTube is available as an app on Switch where we can see content uploaded by users of all kinds. By the way, there are movies on the platform that are available in their entirety and are the complete opposite of what we could say that they are for family enjoyment.
  • Twitter is another of the most popular platforms available. So you can use the console to watch your favorite streamer.
  • Funimation Y Crunchyroll They are the two anime streaming platforms par excellence. If you are a fan of Japanese animation and a textbook Otaku, then you will have no problem watching content on the Nintendo console.
  • pokemon tv It is the last option, it is focused on the famous franchise owned by Nintendo, so it is only for people who are very fond of it.

Why can’t I use the browser to watch Netflix, HBO and others?

The answer to the question is very simple, the console does not have a web browser and it is a case very similar to that of PS4 and PS5. Since its navigation menu is based on WebKit, the same engine as web browsers, it is possible to inject unauthorized code via JavaScript into web pages. This would not only allow pirate copies and emulators to be run, but also to steal credentials from online stores. Since Nintendo is a video game company and does not have the complexity, processes and resources to have a department to plug those holes, there is no browser on the Nintendo Switch to watch streaming.

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