What the different sounds of the AirTag mean


Apple technical support has uploaded an interesting tutorial to YouTube explaining the meaning of the different sounds that can issue an AirTag. A video that I recommend watching.

Because that way, when we meet a AirTag of a stranger or one of ours and start emitting a specific beep, we already know what it means, and not have to go to Google to find out. So let’s see what types of alerts an AirTag can try to tell us when it sounds.

An AirTag has no screen, just a small speaker that beeps. So that is his way of communicating with the outside, at the touch of a whistle. And it has five different types of sounds, associated with a specific message for the listener. Either its user, or an unknown person who has found it lost.

And since a picture (and sound) is worth a thousand words, Apple Support has posted a video tutorial on YouTube explaining the meaning of all the different tones an AirTag can emit. So let’s explain what those are. five different alerts.

  • Welcome and connection to the battery: This sound plays when you first set up the AirTag and when you connect a battery to it.
  • Configuration complete: This is issued when the AirTag is configured and ready to use.
  • Search: This sound plays when you locate the AirTag using the Find My app on your iPhone.
  • move with you: Plays when an unknown AirTag has been moving with you for a while.
  • Locate the AirTag that goes with you: This beep is heard when you locate an unknown AirTag that you have been carrying nearby for a while with the Find application.

This is the current list of sounds an AirTag can make. But these alarms can change if Apple sees fit, simply with a device update. Something like this already happened earlier this year, when the company decided increase the volume of the fifth notice on the list.

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