what they will be like and how much the plan will cost per month

The streaming platforms they are becoming more and more on television. The principles that they sold from the beginning of allowing us to access all streaming content, and without advertising, in exchange for a monthly fee are falling into oblivion, since some, such as Netflix, have already launched their new “cheap” plan in Spain. » with ads and a limited catalogue. But it is not the only one that is going to go over to the side of advertising, since others, such as HBO, and even Disney +, are already working on similar plans that we will see in just a few months.

After Netflix, the next platform to introduce the new ad-supported plan is Disney+. As we announced months ago, Disney+ prices will go up next year to all customers. This price increase has already reached the United States, and in a short time it will also reach Spain. To somewhat mitigate the impact of this rise, Disney+ is going to launch its new plan with ads, a cheaper subscription that will allow us to save month by month in exchange, clearly, for seeing advertising before and during the reproduction of series and movies.

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This is Disney+ Basic

At the moment exclusively for the United States, the new plan that this platform has presented has received the name of Disney+ Basic. Unlike the Netflix plan, which has a lot of quality, library, and content limitations, the new Disney+ ad-supported plan only changes from the full plan:

  • 4 minutes of ads for every hour of content played.
  • We will not have the ability to download content to view offline.

For the rest, both the full and limited plans will be the same: we will be able to watch it in 4K, we will have Dolby Vision, Full HD, HDR10 and IMAX video enhancements and we will even be able to watch it on 4 devices at the same time (perfect for sharing with family or friends).

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The bad news: the price

As for the price, we have bad news, and that is that Disney+ the price of the plan without ads is going to go up, and the rise is considerable. When the new “Basic” plan arrives, the plan without ads will go from costing 8.99 euros per month (89.90 euros per year) to 10.99 euros per month (109.90 euros per year). A pretty hefty climb.

In this way, the Basic plan will remain at 7.99 euros per month, or 79.90 euros per year, which means that we can save 30 euros a year in exchange for seeing ads.

When will it arrive

At the moment we do not know when this new plan with ads will arrive to users, since, for now, it is only working in the United States. However, Disney itself has confirmed that it will reach other countries “very soon in 2023”, so it would not be surprising if we see it in the first, or second, quarter of next year.

Those users who have an annual subscription already paid will be able to continue enjoying it without problems, but the new price will be applied when the renewal is due. And those who pay month to month, from one month to the next, will see the increase reflected in their payment method.

Now we just have to wait and see if, with the price increase, we can have other improvements, such as additional services like Hulo or ESPN+ that are included in the US subscriptions.

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