What to do if my iPhone does not charge as it should?

my iPhone does not charge

Are you wondering what to do if my iPhone does not charge? Well, this is something very common among users of Apple devices, and in this post we will indicate the reasons why this can happen. In turn, we will present you with solutions for such problems.

If you have noticed that your iPhone does not have much battery after you have charged it, something is most likely going on. To help you, we have prepared a list with the most common failures in terms of the iPhone battery, and we will indicate the ways to remedy it so that your mobile reload.

Aspects that indicate that an iPhone is not charging

There are different signs that tell you that your iPhone Is not charging, and then we will tell you what they are:

no charging sound

Just like any other smart device, when you connect the charger to your iPhone a sound will be produced which will indicate that the process of charging the mobile battery has begun.

If you don’t hear that sound, you will know that something is not right.

Image on the screen

In turn, when you connect the charger to your iPhone, an image will appear that will show you the battery logo and the percentage of charge it has at that moment. If it doesn’t show up, something happens.

battery in green color

At the moment when the charge of the Apple mobile exceeds 20%, the battery it will turn green. If you notice that it is not turning green, the charge is not increasing.

Why doesn’t an iPhone charge and what can be done?

my iPhone does not charge as it should

Many ask the question, what to do if my iphone not burden? And if you are part of this group of people, you must first know the reasons why an iPhone may not be charging. and then fix the error:

Software failures

software bugs are very common, both in Apple devices and in others, and your iPhone may have software problems and that’s why it doesn’t load properly. What you can do in these circumstances is:

force a reboot

To do so, follow these directions:

  • You will need to press both the home and sleep buttons.
  • Wait until the apple appears.
  • It is important that you wait until the apple comes out. Otherwise you will only turn off the iPhone.

After having forced a reboot, try to reload the iPhone to make sure it charges normally. Another method that you can use is restoring your iPhone.


When faced with a software-related problem, the last thing you can do is to restore your mobile. To do so, you can use a program like ReiBoot, with which you can run a recovery mode of the iPhone.

Similarly, with such a program, it will also be possible repair common problems like terminal block, and even restore it to its factory state.

hardware problems

Just as software errors occur, hardware failures they are also common. What you can do is:

Check and change the charger

any charger it can be broken after some use. Likewise, if you keep it in bags and tangle it too much, it will also break and not work as it should.

What you should do is check if the cable is broken or if when you connect it you have to move it from side to side so that the mobile detects it.

You will have to buy another cable. in a nearby Apple store, because the one you have will no longer be able to fulfill its function.

Verify the operation of the ports

There are iPhone users who charge their mobiles into computer USB ports. Like chargers, these ports will be able to stop sending the amount of energy needed at any instant.

The solution to it is try another USB port.

Clean the ports


Do you leave your iPhone anywhere in a hurry? Then you should know that its Lightning port may become dirty to the point of blocking the contact required for loading.

On the other hand, if you are one of the people who keeps his mobile in his pocket, It is important that you verify that you do not have dust nor any other type of residue that can enter the mobile charging port.

The solutions in such cases will be clean lightning port or 30-pin, as well as clean the ends of the charging cable. If you choose to clean the Lightning port, be sure to check if the iPhone charges after cleaning.

Finally, now that you have the answer to the question What to do if my iPhone does not charge? It is time to find out what is the problem with charging your Apple mobile to fix it as soon as possible. If this tutorial was to your liking, we have many more tutorials for you.

we assure you that you will find useful information regarding Apple mobiles and Apple devices such as Apple Watches and AirPods.

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