What to do if the Shift key does not work

Fix Shift/Shift key issue

Once we have detected if the problem that affects the malfunction of the Shift/Shift key is related to the keyboard (hardware) or to the software (Windows), then we will show you all the options available to solve the problem.

replace the switch

If the problem is finally in the Shift key, depending on the type of keyboard it is, we will be able to solve the problem. Mechanical keyboards, for the most part, allow us to replace switches by others when they stop working. The process to replace it is very simple, since we only have to use tweezers to remove it and place a new one from the same manufacturer in its place. It is also possible that, although it is a mechanical keyboard, the switches (also known as switches) are soldered to the plate. If this is the case, the only solution is to throw the keyboard away and buy a new one.

Membrane keyboards do not use switches to actuate the keys, but rather a membrane that comes into contact with a plate where all keystrokes are registered. If a key stops working, these types of keyboards they have no solution, that’s why they are much cheaper than mechanical keyboards. If we don’t have an alternative keyboard at home and we need to finish some work, we can open the keyboard and clean the entire surface of the plate to remove any trace of dust that may be interfering with operation, something unlikely since the membrane that covers it It is responsible for retaining all the dirt that can sneak between the keys.

If it’s a laptop, most manufacturers allow you to replace the entire keyboard by buying the corresponding replacement, a replacement that usually has a price of about 50 euros, depending on the equipment and manufacturer. Replacing the keyboard is very simple, since we only have to lift the upper part of the computer, where the keyboard is located, and replace it, a process that can only take a few minutes.

Reinstall Windows drivers

The first thing we will do to solve the problem that our keyboard is presenting with the Shift key is to reinstall the Windows keyboard drivers. It is possible that these have stopped working correctly and that it is not only this key that is failing. To reinstall the keyboard drivers, we must access the Device administrator through the search box and go to the section Keyboard. Next, we place the mouse on the keyboard that we have installed and with the right button click on the Uninstall the device option. At that point, Windows will remove it from your computer and then automatically reinstall it. If we want to uninstall it, we can click on the Update option, although in the end, the result will be the same, since there is a new version of that driver, it will be downloaded and updated automatically.

Reinstall Windows drivers

Install the keyboard app

Mechanical keyboards, especially those that are aimed at a public that is dedicated to gaming, include an application that allows you to manage the lights (it does not include them) in addition to the shortcuts of the function and/or multimedia keys. This application allows us modify keyboard behavior and, in addition, it includes the specific controls for the keyboard and not the generic drivers that Microsoft installs natively on any computer with a basic keyboard.

Logitech G-Hub

If we already have the application installed, we must uninstall it from the computer through the Windows configuration options (Win + i) and clicking on Applications > Applications and features to select the keyboard application, click on the three vertical points located to the right and select the Uninstall option. Then, even if the system does not invite us to do so, it is recommended to restart the computer to eliminate any traces of the application in memory that may affect the operation of the keyboard.

Once we have restarted, we can check if the problem has been resolved, since the culprit of the keyboard malfunction can also be found in the native application, it is unlikely, but it would not be the first time. If it still does not work, we re-download the official application from the manufacturer of our keyboard and install it to check if the problem with this key has ended. If our keyboard does not have a specific application, we should not download other applications from the same developer, since we can accentuate the problem with the Shift/Shift key and the whole keyboard stops working completely.

Check for pending updates

Another section that we must check if we still do not find the problem, go through to find if our team has pending to install any update. It is possible that some previous update is affecting the functioning of this key or others on our keyboard, so the next step is to download and install all the updates that we have pending to install on our computer.

windows updates

To check if our computer has any updates pending to install, we must access the Windows configuration options (Win + i) and click on Windows Update. At the top, the number of updates that we have pending to install will be shown, if this is the case. If we do not have pending updates, we must try the following solution that we propose.

Uninstall the latest update

Windows is an operating system designed to work with millions of totally different components, so you have to do authentic virguerías to be able to function. Due to the nature of Windows, it shouldn’t surprise us that some other update doesn’t sit well with our computer and it starts to cause problems.

If we have detected that, after the last update, the computer has started to give problems, we should try to uninstall the last update in order to rule out that this is the origin of the problem we are facing. To find out what is the latest update that we have installed on the computer, we must access the Windows configuration options (Win + i), and click on Windows Update. Next, we click on View update history and note the number of the most recent update (these include the date they were installed).

Uninstall Windows updates

Next, we click on Uninstall updates and then double-click on the update that we want to uninstall to confirm the process. If the system does not invite us to restart the computer after uninstalling the latest update, it is recommended to do so to eliminate any trace of on our computer.

Scan for malware on your computer

At this point, we are running out of chances to find the solution to the problem before we format Windows and start from scratch. There is a possibility that some type of malware has been hung on our computer, malware that may be affecting the operation of the Shift / Shift key in addition to others. Microsoft Defender includes malware detection, however, like any other antivirus, it is not perfect, so it is possible that it has escaped in an application that we have downloaded or copied to the computer.

To force Microsoft Defender to scan all files on the computer, we must access the configuration options (Win + i) and click on Update and security. Next, click on Windows Security, in the section on the right in Protection against viruses and threats.

Next, click on exam options and we select full exam. When you select Full Scan, Microsoft Defender will scan all the files on your computer for viruses, malware, spyware, and more, removing them directly or putting the file in forty so that it stops affecting your computer’s operation.

Windows Defender Full Scan

Restore Windows to a previous state

Windows automatically generates system restore points every time we install an application that may affect the system’s operation. This option is activated natively, so it is not necessary to activate it previously and we can use it to restore the computer to a previous restore point in which the keyboard did not offer us these operating problems.

To access the restore points stored on our computer, we use the search box with the terms “Restore point” without the quotes and select the option Create a restore point. Then in the tab system protectionwe click on system restore.

A wizard will automatically be displayed inviting us to restore to the most recent restore point. If we do not want to restore to that version, click on Choose another restore point. and select the one we want to use and click Next to perform this operation.

Restore Windows to a previous state

Remap the operation of another key

A temporary solution if the problem is hardware and we are waiting for the new switch to replace it or a new keyboard if it is a membrane one, is to remap any key that we do not use on our keyboard so that there is the Shift function. One of the best applications that allow us to remap any key on any keyboard, old or modern, is SharpKeys, an application that we can download for free from its website through the following link. The operation of the application is very simple, since we only have to select which key we want to use and establish a function, which in this case would be the Shift key.


Reinstall Windows from scratch

If after trying all the solutions that we have proposed in this article, none of them manages to solve the problem, as long as we are sure that the keyboard works correctly on other devices, the only option left to us is to format the computer and install Windows from scratch. In this way, we are going to eliminate the problem that is affecting its operation and with which we have not just found a solution. First of all, the first thing we must do is make a backup of all the data that we have stored on the computer. Next, we visit the Microsoft website and download the Media Installer, an application that we can download for Windows 10 and for Windows 11 (depending on which version we want to install) and it will help us create an installation medium. To create the installation media, we will need a USB with at least 8 GB capacity.

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