What to do if Time Machine doesn’t recognize the backup disk

Time Machine is a very useful tool to be able to make your backup copies and be sure that your data and documents will be safe. And it is that this Apple app is already integrated into all computers, so you won’t have to download anything from third parties. But like all programs, it can give some bugs. If you want to know how to solve these problems, in this post we are going to tell you about some of the most common failures and solutions.

Time Machine is the apple computers backup tool with which you can easily recover the information on your computer in case you lose it. It works in a very simple way since you will only have to make a backup copy. But you will have to make sure that everything works perfectly because it can happen that Time Machine does not work correctly. If you think there has been a failure during Time Machine, we are going to tell you the reasons why it may have failed and the solutions.

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First of all, for everything to work well, you are going to have to make sure of a few things. The first is that your backup drive is plugged in, turned on, and securely connected to your Mac. If your backup drive is on a network, make sure both your Mac and the drive are connected to that network. If there are network problems, the backup disk may not appear available. Then check that you have all the latest updates for macOS. Please note that if you have upgraded to macOS Monterey, existing backups will not be upgraded. New backups that are created can only be used with macOS Big Sur or later. If Time Machine can’t find your backup disk, try these suggestions to see if that fixes it:

  • If your backup drive is connected to your Mac, make sure it’s properly connected, plugged into a power source, and turned on.
  • If your backup drive is connected to a network, check that your Mac and the drive are still connected to the same network, that the drive is turned on, and that there are no network issues.
  • If the backup drive is connected to another computer, make sure the computer is not in sleep mode. If so, disable the sleep function for future backups.
  • Open Time Machine preferences and select your backup drive again. If you erased your backup disk and started having problems, selecting it again might resolve the problem.
  • Click the Finder icon in the Dock to open a Finder window and look in the Locations section. Your backup disk should appear in the list. If not, it may be powered off, damaged, or currently unavailable on the network.

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