What to do if your MacBook screen bends

A MacBook, like any self-respecting laptop, allows you to put the screen in various degrees of inclination. However, it has a limit that cannot be exceeded because the screen could be damaged. So, if you are in the situation of having passed that limit, whether by accident or not, you are probably now wondering what to do.

And it is that It will not matter if the screen has faults or not. The usual thing is that it stops working completely or, depending on the position, it can emit a series of flashes or go black. However, it may also be that you do not notice anything strange and in that case you think about not worrying, but this is an error, since the error could occur later.

Try to keep your data safe

As we said in the previous paragraph, it is possible that the screen of your MacBook continues to work perfectly or that it at least allows you to see the content of the screen, be it with more or less complications.

If you are in this situation, our advice is that you do not settle for it and go to the technical service as soon as possible, although not without first trying to back up your files. Some data like Safari notes, calendars, photos, or bookmarks are synced with iCloud and will always be there, but other files like your folders and so on are not safe.

time machine backup

You can make a backup using Time Machine and even do it manually by storing your important files in the cloud or on a pen drive or external drive. In this way you will not lose anything and you will be able to recover everything when the computer is repaired or, failing that, you can put it in a new one if you had to leave the one you had.

Does the warranty cover it?

Although Apple is characterized by offering very good customer service, the truth is that the MacBook warranty conditions are nothing remarkable beyond covering problems that should already be covered by law. Therefore, you will not be repaired for free the computer in this case.

Problems with the screen that can be caused by excessive bending of the part are considered user-inflicted damage. And it will not matter if you caused it on purpose or it was due to an accidental fall or movement, since both cases are still considered as a defect due to misuse.

The repair cost will depend on the model of MacBook you have. In fact, Apple does not make the prices of these repairs public because of how particular they are. And it is that it may not only be affecting the screen but there may be more problems that would increase the cost. Be that as it may, the specialists will give you a clear diagnosis of the problem and will offer you a budget that, logically, you can accept or not.

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