What to expect from the event where the new Facebook name would be announced and how to see it live?

Facebook is about to hold its annual developer event, Facebook Connect, next October 28. Event in which it is expected to make known all the news, around its new programming and development tools for augmented reality and virtual reality.

Like last year, the event will be held remotely. Attendees will be able to watch the keynote presentation – in which we will share Facebook’s vision for the metaverse – as well as development sessions with Facebook and industry leaders, during which innovation and research in the aforementioned categories will be discussed.

Will Facebook change its name?

In previous days, the news of the company that includes the social network Facebook, Instagram and the instant messaging application was released WhatsApp could change its name as a strategy that would help broaden its horizons to focus on the metaverse, the universe of digital platforms where humans interact socially, and that it has talked so much about Mark Zuckerberg, owner and founder of Facebook.

Although the details of this new “adjustment” are currently unknown, it is likely that the issue will be addressed. name change during this conference. In addition, the event is expected to explore the “infinite possibilities of virtual and augmented reality through on-demand sessions for developers.”

What to expect from the event?

Facebook has already announced that they are working on a Pro version of their headphones Oculus Quest, so it is very likely that we will have news about this device along with its first smart glasses, and augmented reality, which have recently been launched by Ray-ban.

Facebook is also already testing a virtual reality workplace application and a virtual reality social space known as Horizon Worlds, which was introduced a couple of months ago, so it is also very likely that we will have news from both projects.

Where and when to see the event?

The event will begin at 12:00 p.m. Mexico time, on Thursday, October 28, and will be broadcast live through the Reality Labs Facebook page.


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