What to give a Harry Potter fan for Christmas

If you thought that giving something to a Potterhead it was easy, you are wrong. They usually have a fairly complete collection: all the books, the movies on Blu-Ray, the toys that he has kept since childhood … So no, its not that easy how to give a Funko-Pop of Harry, Hermione or Ron and get out of the way, since, normally, you already have them in triplicate. If we want to make a original harry potter gift, you have to give a touch of magic to the matter. Here we show you some very peculiar ideas.

The best gifts we can give to a Potterhead

The Time Turner of the Ministry of Magic

Your dear Potterhead Complains that you do not have the day for everything you have to do? Can do like Hermione in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban and get a time turner. The ideal accessory to get more hours out of the day. This model is gold plated, so it is quite a gem. It can also be used as a decorative element if its owner simply decides not to remove it from its wooden box. The important thing is to always have it close by in case you need to take a nap without wasting a minute of your valuable time.

The Marauders Travel Notebook

If that person to whom you are going to give the gift is a born procrastinator, in that case, You better not give him the time turner, as it is possible that they will throw it at your head. You can always sing to them the benefits of the method Bullet journal and give them a journal. This is a leather travel notebook embossed with the Marauder’s Map inscription in English:
“Messrs. Lunático, Wormtail, Canute and Antler are proud to present: THE MAP OF THE MARROWER”

Hogwarts Card Game

If your friend still hasn’t gotten over the disappointment of not receiving their Hogwarts access letter when they turn 11, this is a good gift to alleviate trauma. Even if you have to use ordinary stamps instead of going to the Hogsmeade Owl Post Office, this set of letters is fine for people who have “pen pals».

Wax Seal Set

You can go one step further and give him this set of stamps; so can correspond with others Potterheads depending on whether they are from Slytherin, Ravenclaw, Gryffindor or Hufflepuff. In addition to the official Hogwarts crest, he has the Malfoy family crest. This gift goes very well for those people who love to have theme parties.

Cauldron of Polyjuice Potion

Didn’t you want to try the polyjuice potion? They still don’t sell it at Mercadona, but you can be content with this one potion cauldron shaped bowl. So your friend can recall the moment when Hermione Granger played Quimicefa in Weeping Myrtle’s bathroom in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. It did not go well for the poor thing, although they could have cast for Cats (2019).

Bone Grower Potion Bottle

Was there anything more creepy than seeing Hermione turned into a giant cat? Yes, when Gilderoy Lockhart left Harry boneless in that Quidditch crash! That rubber arm will haunt us in our nightmares for a long time … Luckily there was Nurse Poppy Pomfrey with her bone growing potion.

Although they have not recreated the bitter-tasting potion, there is a facsimile of the bottle that appears in the movie. Let’s be honest; Those of us who were little when the movies were released are getting older, and with age comes pain. If some morning when you wake up your whole body hurts, this It is the ideal water bottle with which to take an ibuprofen

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