What to give a Mario fan for Christmas

With the approach of Christmas, it is time to buy gifts. And if you are a Mario fan, you want the whole world to know it and also share your passion for our favorite plumber, relax, we have your back. We bring you 5 gifts to give if you are a fan of Mario Bros. From games, to magnets, to stuffed animals or the possibility of recreating the Mario Kart in real life.

There is no video game character more legendary than Mario. Its unmistakable mustache and its ability to entertain generations (and generations) of gamers deserve to be a star gift this holidays.

For that, we present these ideal gifts if yours is Mario Bros.

1. Mario magnets to decorate and create scenarios

Perfect for adorning the fridge or a metal board, these magnets allow you to reconstruct those scenes that you have recorded from childhood in your happy corner.

A mixture of characters and decorative elements, which will look at you with a bit of reproach when you go for the fifth piece of cake.

2. The Monopoly Gamer Mario Kart

Mario is the protagonist of some of the most endearing games out there and Monopoly is the game that has broken the most families. So someone thought that it would be a great idea to join them.

There is a “normal” Mario Monopoly, but we recommend this version Mario Kart, with somewhat more simplified rules and that recreate the famous races of the video game.

This Christmas, drive the family crazy by overtaking where you should not and then throw a banana so they skid and go off the circuit.

3. Mario and Yoshi soft toys

We know that you are going to buy gifts at the last minute, without having a clue and when there is nothing left. For those cases, nothing better than a stuffed animal. That will show the other person that, not only are you obsessed with Mario Bros, but that you have forgotten until the last minute.

The fact is that, despite all that, this Mario and Yoshi couple is quite pretty and it can be a very cute and attractive gift.

4. The Mario Quad, remote control vehicle

If your favorite game is Mario Kart, now you can make it happen with this Quad radio controlled vehicle model.

At 1:20 scale (about 19 cm long) and with a top speed of 9 kilometers per hour, you can compete with up to 14 more friends and show that you are not only the king of racing with the Nintendo controller.

5. Mario’s LEGOs

If you want to unite your two passions, LEGO and Mario, then you are in luck. LEGO has a complete line dedicated to Mario Bros and you can find practically everything. Besides, of course, with the pieces and your creativity, you can build the rest.

From famous in-game settings to all of your favorite characters, there is plenty to choose from and drop all the money this Christmas.

So you see, 5 gifts with which to look good and remain faithful to your favorite video game.

This article contains affiliate links and The Output may receive a commission for them. However, under no circumstances has that influenced our selection of Mario gifts.

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