What to give for Christmas if you are a fan of Batman

2. Funko Batman Imperial Palace

They could not miss for Christmas. The funkos They’re always a gift that works, and if you’re a Batman fan, you can’t give one that’s from something else.

There is a multitude to choose from, but, to be original, we like this batman Imperial Palace, where a regal and special touch is given to his armor.

3. Batman Thermos

At Christmas you always want a coffee or hot chocolate. So that it remains like this and at the same time scares all the criminals of Gotham, nothing better than this thermos with the shield of your favorite hero.

Utility and style at the same time, in a gift that will always be well received.

And now, get ready for the next level. Because if you really want to impress someone and show that no one has a greater devotion to Batman than you, you can give …

4. The armor with which Batman defeated Superman

We’re not talking about an action or collectible figure, nor are we talking about one of those fine cloth and foam Halloween costumes.

We are talking about a exact replica at 1: 1 scale of the armor with which Batman defeated Superman, both in the comic Dark Knigh Returns, like in the movie Batman vs superman by Zack Snyder.

Without a doubt, the fight between the two is the best part of the film (probably also the only good one) and now you have the opportunity to wear or gift the same armor as the Dark Knight.

It is made to measure, you can customize it and “only” you will need $ 5,000 (More what it costs you to import it, of course).

Anyway, almost nothing. And you better not look at the rest of the web, lest you also want one of Hombre de Hierro.

5. A classic Batmobile, really …

Royal Classic Batmobile

What better complement to the armor than the Batmobile. In this case, the classic model from the 60s, famous for the series starring a very different Adam West from Batman terminator played by Ben Affleck.

We are talking about a real vehicle, built on the chassis of a Lincoln classic. And it even has the rear turbine with the flare effect of the original, so not a detail is missed. Yes, each one It is made to order and takes one year, so you will have to save it for the following Christmases.

You have to check what it will cost first and we don’t know the exact price, but you better be a famous Gotham billionaire, or you will exhaust your budget for gifts this Christmas and, probably, all that remain.

As you can see, if you are a fan of Batman, sometimes you must also be like Bruce Wayne. But, be that as it may, there is always an ideal Christmas gift that also remembers your devotion to it. Crusader Cloak.

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