What to keep in mind when hiring a professional vehicle rental

Leasing is clearly on the rise. According to recent data from the AER, in the last six years a total of 193,223 clients joined this trend, of which 96.32% were small businesses (35.09%) and freelancers and individuals (61.23%).

The reason for the success of this business model lies in the fact that each time car ownership is valued less and that socioeconomic uncertainty is a cause for concern when making an investment as important as buying a new vehicle, especially at a time with so much regulatory change in terms of sustainability.

That is why, given this commitment by companies to this modality, Northgate Renting Flexible, an expert company in the field of professional mobility and pioneer in the provision of flexible renting services, has compiled a series of factors that must be taken into account when opting for renting: from the different types that exist, to the vehicle model to choose, mileage limits and access to restricted areas, and even tax aid.

Fixed renting or flexible renting

There are various types of leasing contracts on the market to choose from, and it will undoubtedly be the first choice a company has to make when accessing a leasing vehicle, depending on what best suits their needs. . Fixed renting implies that the rental term has a commitment in the duration of the contract where, therefore, the company must comply with the agreed time so as not to incur economic penalties for early cancellation.

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vehicle type

The choice of vehicles for an SME is a very important decision. Depending on their business, they must pay attention to one or another functionalities so that their fleet of vehicles is 100% adapted to them and meets the objectives. For example, a company dedicated to infrastructures and needs to transport construction material on a daily basis is not the same as an ancillary services company, which will transport perhaps less heavy or bulky materials, or a food company that requires certain temperature conditions. controlled.

mileage limit

All rental contracts are subject to a limit of kilometers traveled per month or annually, depending on the type chosen. That is why when making the decision to access a vehicle with this modality, the company must anticipate the kilometers it travels, since this limit is customizable, in bands that are usually between 10,000km and 25,000km at anus.

Restrictions in the areas of operations

The new Law on Climate Change and Energy Transition obliges all Spanish municipalities with more than 50,000 inhabitants, around 150, to introduce measures that allow emissions derived from mobility to be reduced before 2023, such as the limitation of areas within cities where traffic, access or parking is restricted, discriminating by the DGT label. If we add to this the fact that several Spanish capitals such as Madrid, Seville or Barcelona have Low Emission Zones in the center, the companies that travel through these urban centers for their activity increasingly value being able to count on vehicles that allow them to access to these areas.

Taxation and aid

For companies, the tax deductions that can be obtained in the annual declarations are an aspect to take into account. By choosing the flexible leasing modality for their work vehicles, SMEs do not have to pay the registration or circulation tax, having to pay only the VAT of the monthly fee. In this case, the SME Up to 100% of VAT and personal income tax could be deducted if the vehicle is used exclusively for the corresponding work activity. In this way, companies can include the amount derived from the monthly installments in their statements.

According to Northgate Renting Flexible: ‚ÄúRenting companies must be aware of all the needs that companies have when choosing a vehicle, as well as the constant changes they experience. Precisely for this reason, at Northgate we are committed not only to flexible leasing capable of meeting your requests, but also to having a wide range of vehicles, being specialists in industrial vehicles, which we can also customize with the installation of the accessories you need for the performance of your exercise”.

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