What to see this first weekend of July on Netflix, HBO Max and Amazon

Has Friday arrived and, as always, you have no idea what to watch on TV? Don’t worry: here we are to make you the best suggestions of the week and get you out of such a sea of ​​doubts. If you want to know what is the newest (and outstanding) that you can find in your favorite streaming catalog, you have it as easy as continue reading below and take note. Don’t forget the popcorn.

Netflix: the end of Stranger Things

You have to live in a (very deep) cave not to know that the second part of the fourth season of Stranger Things premieres today. The great series by the Duffer Brothers, which has come back as few expected with this installment, puts an end to its last plot with two super final episodes that are more than chapters films, with its 98 minutes duration in the case of ep. 8 and no less than two and a half hours if we talk about 9.

We will see how things end for our protagonists in the great confrontation with Vecna. Without a doubt, the closing promises to be very exciting and will keep us on edge until the final minutes.

HBO Max: Westworld Returns

It is true that the seasons of this series have been losing steam since its great start and its original idea, but Westworld It is still an interesting proposal and with a large legion of followers. That is why we cannot stop recommending the science fiction and humanoid series, whose fourth installment has just landed this week on the HBO Max platform.

The fight between humans and robots continues. Who will win in this whole story?

Amazon Prime Video: The Boys are still the kings

As you know, Amazon Prime Video has followed the weekly chapter strategy to TheBoysso that every Friday we have a new dose to enjoy the super most despicable of the comic world on the small screen. After the madness that was “Herogasm” and how everything exploded in the end (with an epic fight and Starlight’s statements on her social networks), we will see how things continue for Vaught’s protégés and in the billed gang of Boys.

This is the penultimate episode of the season, so now you know: savor it because there is little left for it to come to an end.

Are you not a follower of this crazy fiction? Then you can always give a try to the final list. Based on the novel by Jack Carr, this series introduces us to James Reece, who, after his entire Marine platoon is ambushed in a high-profile operation, risk, he returns home to his family with conflicting memories and questions about whether he did all he could do. However, and unexpectedly, evidence will begin to emerge that will turn everything upside down, discovering dark forces working against him and endangering not only his life, but also the lives of others. your loved ones.

It features Chris Pratt as the lead.

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