What to see this weekend: our selection

What to watch on Netflix

Of all the premieres that are taking place this week in the red N, we are in first place with the season 2 of Valeria. As you surely know, this series is based on the successful literary saga of the same name written by Elísabet Benavent (Betacoqueta), an adaptation highly anticipated by fans that generated all kinds of opinions with its first installment – there are those who are delighted with the treatment of history and those outraged by not conforming 100% to the books.

Valeria t2 - Netflix

Be that as it may, you are sure to enjoy even the beautiful photography of the series, which takes place in Madrid and whose protagonist sees his life take a 90 degree turn when he meets Victor. Diana Gómez is in charge of giving life to Valeria while Maxi Iglesias embodies the great love of her life. We also have Silma López, Teresa Riott and Eva Martín as her inseparable friends.

If you haven’t even seen the first season, give it a try: the chapters are short, they have a very catchy current soundtrack and they are still entertaining (as long as you like romantic comedy, of course).

What to see on HBO

In HBO we do not have new series of our own, so our bet is directed to the cinema with two incorporated titles that are very worth watching. The first is Call me by your name, an exquisitely directed film by Luca Guadagnino, whose story is based on the book of the same name written by André Aciman. Set in the 80s in northern Italy, it shows us how love is born between the teenager Elio Perlman (played by Timothée Chalamet) and Oliver (Armie Hammer), his father’s summer assistant.

A critically acclaimed film that has received several Golden Globe, Bafta and Oscar nominations and two awards in the last two mentioned awards.

The other proposal we have to make is Captain Fantastic. This tender story directed by Matt Ross introduces us to Ben (Viggo Mortensen), a man who has spent ten years living in the woods, in the northwestern United States, with his six children. The family will be forced to leave their idyllic home and enter civilization when they receive tragic news.

A very tender story with several nominations for big awards (Golden Globes, Bafta, Oscar) that will delight many. We have to see it.

What to watch on Amazon Prime Video

The premiere of the week on Amazon Prime Video and what we recommend you see is Nine Perfect Strangers. This miniseries is based on the novel by Liane Moriarty and stars, among others, Nicole Kidman. The plot introduces us to new strangers who go to a spiritual retreat, called Tranquillum House, in order to completely transform both mentally and physically. The center is run by a mysterious woman (Kidman), who will propose very peculiar activities.

It is composed of 8 episodes and has received a very mixed but mostly positive criticism. You have to give it a try.

Do you have any other idea or proposal to make us for the weekend?

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