What to watch this week: Netflix, HBO and Amazon premieres

What to watch on Netflix

If you are subscribed to Netflix, these are all the news that you will find on the platform this week.

Tuesday August 17

You will have to wait until tomorrow Tuesday to start enjoying news on Netflix. It will be then when you can see the fifth season of the reality series The Kardashians while the smallest of the house have a great time (also with season 5) with Tut Tut Cory Cars.

Wednesday, August 18

A good part of the week’s premieres are concentrated this time on Wednesday. And that day you can get hooked on the new drama series The losers, set in Germany in the mid-1940s. An American police officer will search for his missing brother while helping a rookie agent solve certain crimes plaguing the city of Berlin.

Also that day you can discover the German thriller The black island, the romantic comedy of Italian origin In the best moment and the Brazilian comedy Trade journals.

Not enough for you? Don’t worry, we have another alternative to propose: Memoirs of a Murderer: The Nilsen Tapes -trailer on these lines-, the documentary in which the serial killer Dennis Nilsen himself recounts his life and crimes from the cell in which he is serving his sentence.

Friday August 20

Do you like monologues? You can’t stop seeing then Comedy Premium League. It is a program in which Indian comedians compete in teams to be named the kings of comedy.

Within the series segment you can enjoy Everything will be fine -trailer on these lines-, a Mexican drama about a separated couple who decide to continue living together for the sake of their daughter, and The director, in a comedy tone, about the first woman to head the English department of a leading university. With the well-known Sandra Oh as the protagonist.

And if you prefer cinema, you have the arrival of Sweet girl (with Jason Momoa), about a father who decides to take revenge for the death of his wife, caused by the interests of a pharmaceutical company, while the little ones at home can be the premiere of the film Loud House Movie.

What to see on HBO

Monday August 16

The week starts on HBO as usual: with new episodes of series already in progress. You can see episode 23 of the current season of Real Time with Bill Maher, in the last of the first season The White Lotus, the 5th of T1 in A thirty meter wave and the 21 of the eighth of Last week tonight with John Oliver. For its part, season 5 of Rick and morty takes a break.

Tuesday August 17

The fourth chapter of T3 of Roswell, New Mexico and episodes 5 and 6 of season 1 of Emitting from the Nevada desert They arrive tomorrow Tuesday next to the 12 of the T6 of Legends of Tomorrow and the eighth of the second season of The Godfather of Harlem.

Wednesday, August 18

There are no changes on Wednesday either, with episode number 15 (it’s the last!) Of season 1 of Superman & Lois and chapter 2 of t2 of Stargirl.

Thursday 19 August

A controversial documentary lands on Thursday in the catalog. It is the quintessential topic of the moment: COVID-19. In The ambiguous origin of the coronavirus in Wuham It is talked about, as the name suggests, how one of the worst pandemics in history began.

Friday 2nd August

On Friday we can baptize it as a movie day on HBO and is that the platform saves several premieres for that day as the critically acclaimed Call me by your name, the Oscar winner Forrest Gump or the tender Captain Fantastic. You will also see Wuthering Heights, Inside, A traitor like ours Y Spies from heaven. There are to choose from.

Premieres of the week on Amazon Prime Video

This week no less than four new titles arrive in the catalog, concentrated on Friday and Sunday.

Friday August 20

One of the big premieres of the month for Amazon Prime Video will take place this Friday with Nine Perfect Strangers. In this miniseries we will meet nine people stressed with their current life who enter an exclusive center to recover and transform without knowing what awaits them. The director of the complex, Masha (Nicole Kidman), will keep an eye on them during their ten days of retreat.

Also that day you have the premiere of the film The snail house, a Spanish film directed by Macarena Astorga, in which a writer decides to spend the summer in a town in Malaga, where he hopes to find tranquility and inspiration for his next novel. There he will meet several quite peculiar people about whom he begins to write and research.

Sunday August 22

The other two premieres of the week arrive on Sunday with a proposal for the whole family and a tape that is less controversial. The first is none other than The Adventures of Doctor Dolittle, starring Robert Downey Jr. and introducing us to a man who can talk to animals.

The second is Cats, based on the famous Broadway musical and made famous by the bad criticism it received (the special effects are peculiar to say the least). If you were curious to see for yourself what a mess they had made, your time is now.

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