What to watch this weekend in August on Netflix, HBO, Amazon and Disney+

We are already fully immersed in August and although it is the month par excellence to disconnect and go on vacation, for many resting also means being able to enjoy a good film, series or documentary quietly from home -or wherever you are. If this is your case and you want to know which premieres are worth seeing this weekend, this is the selection you need. Take note.

What to watch on Netflix

Surely you have already heard about the subject and the controversy is served. Now available on Netflix The last hours of Mario Biondowhere a review is made of what happened the night of the death of Raquel Sánchez Silva’s Mario and the testimonies of both people close to the presenter and Mario’s family, completely convinced that it was not a suicide but a murder.

Yeah heartstopper conquered you with its first season, you should know that the second installment is now available on the Red N platform. Eight new episodes to keep seeing how things are going for Charlie and Nick.

What to watch on HBO Max

The rate of releases on HBO Max has been reduced that month, as usual, but that does not mean it stops having interesting proposals such as matter of justice. Based on the true story of Bryan Stevenson, lawyer and founder of the Equal Justice Initiative, it tells us about his beginnings in Alabama where he was in charge of defending Walter McMillian, sentenced to death for the murder of a teenager despite the fact that the evidence They clearly proved his innocence. Stevenson and McMillian will see how racism is blatantly present everywhere, even in the US legal system.

What to watch on Amazon Prime Video

Today the series arrives on the Amazon platform Alice Hart’s Lost Flowers. In this story we will meet 9-year-old Alice, who tragically loses her parents in a mysterious fire and goes to live with her grandmother at Thornfield Flower Farm. There she will discover that there are more secrets around her past and that of her family, something that will accompany Alice during her maturity until she ends up fighting for her life against the man she loves.

The little ones in the house can also enjoy Mavka, Guardian of the Forestan animated film in which its protagonist faces the difficult decision of following his heart after falling in love with a human or protecting his forest.

What to see on Disney+

It is clear that the premiere of the week for Disney + is none other than Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol.3. The latest movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe arrives on the content platform after it has been in theaters, so fans can enjoy it again from home or see it for the first time if they preferred to save the ticket and popcorn a few months ago.

This is the closing of the Guardians saga, a story directed by James Gunn, which has received quite a few good reviews, being considered the perfect outcome for this troop of galactic hooligans.

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