What to watch this weekend in October on Netflix, HBO and Amazon

Do you even know what you are going to have for dinner tonight but not what to watch on TV? Do not worry because we are here to help you with it. Below we propose as always the best releases of the week, so that you will only have to decide on a streaming platform, take the control and click on the title that most attracts your attention. Ahead.

What to watch on Netflix

There are two ideas that we have to propose to you to see on the platform of the red N. On the one hand, the midnight club, a series by Mike Flanagan (yes, the same one from The Haunting of Hill House and Midnight Mass), which arrives just in time to start heating up for Halloween. Lovers of terror will thus be able to enjoy this story in which a group of sick teenagers admitted to a hospital for terminal cases meet every night in a kind of club to tell scary stories and fantasize about ghosts. They also decide to make a pact between them: the next one to die will send a signal to the group from beyond.

The fiction is based on a 1994 novel by Christopher Pike and other works of his authorship and has been very well received.

Have you been hooked like crazy to Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story And have you already aired the miniseries? Then it’s time for you to delve deeper into the whole case with Conversations with a Killer: The Jeffrey Dahmer Tapes, the documentary series in which you can hear from Dahmer’s own mouth many of the atrocities he committed. Composed of 3 parts, it will explore the mind of this relentless unscrupulous killer.

HBO Max: what to see this weekend

In addition to the chapter of the week of La Casa del Dragón -remember that every Sunday (Monday in Spain) a new one is released in the service- and of El Cuento de la criada -one is released every Wednesday-, we suggest you give a chance to Pennyworth: Batman’s Butler. The series, about the years of youth of the loyal companion of the DC superhero, is now in its third season, with three episodes to watch from this new installment.

What premieres to watch on Amazon Prime

Since we talk about AI almost daily, his thing is that on Amazon Prime Video we propose that you see Saying goodbye to Yang. This futuristic film introduces us to a family whose intelligent android, Yang, has just crashed, leaving them all with a huge void. So much so that the father (played by Colin Farrell), will not hesitate to seek help to repair him, realizing during the process how he had become disconnected from his own.

Directed by Kogonada (the person in charge of Pachinko and Columbus), it has received very good reviews from the specialized press, who classify it as “exquisite”, “emotional” and “wonderful science fiction”. With such a business card, not to give it a chance, don’t you think?

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