What to watch this weekend on Netflix, HBO and other platforms

What to watch on Netflix

Of all the premieres that take place this week in the red N, without a doubt we are left with the arrival of the film The invisible thread. This story introduces us to the famous and hard Couturier Reynolds Woodcock (fantastically played by Daniel Day-Lewis) who meets a waitress named Alma (Vicky Krieps) in a restaurant. He quickly falls in love with her, becoming her muse and lover, which will forever change the course of his life. Both will live a romance that will not be without problems due to the artist’s peculiarities.

This is a critically acclaimed film that has a good list of nominations and awards. In 2017 he won the Oscar for best costume, although he also chose the award in the categories of film, director and actor. A beautiful, different and entertaining story that will surely win you over.

What to see on HBO

Since this is the last two chapters of the season, our recommendation on HBO is that you take a look at episodes 9 and 10 of the animated series Rick and Morty. The crazy proposal created by Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon in 2013 is now in its fifth season and continues to conquer the same as the first day. At HBO it has been managing slowly so that each week we have been able to enjoy a couple of chapters until completing the fifth installment this week. To have a laugh.

What to watch on Amazon Prime Video

Amazon has several premieres this week, so exceptionally we are going to keep two from the platform – which you can access as Prime Video, remember. First of all we recommend that you take a look at the thriller The voyeurs. Created for the streaming service, this film directed by Michael Mohan tells the story of a couple who have just moved in together in a new apartment. One night he discovers that from his window he can see what his neighbor is doing in the neighboring building and he will not be able to resist observing him and even trying to interfere in his life anonymously.

The film features Sydney Sweeney, Justice Smith, and Ben Hardy, among others, and has garnered criticism of all kinds. You have the last word.

The other film to enjoy is the new Spanish film Polyamory for Beginners, directed by Fernando Colomo and with Karra Elejalde, Quim Ávila and Maria Pedraza, among many other well-known faces on the current scene.

Satur is a family man who will help his son Manu to become The Ranger of Love, a successful masked youtuber who defends romantic love and falls madly in love with Amanda. The problem is that Amanda practices polyamory, which leaves Manu unsettled.

What to watch on Apple TV +

On Apple TV + we have new episodes of two series in progress that are worth watching. On the one hand Ted lasso, where we will continue to see how life is going for our favorite soccer coach now that he attends sessions with his psychologist or what happens with Rebecca and Sam’s blind relationship.

The See series also adds a new chapter this week of its second season. Remember that Baba Vos has finally managed to escape from the clutches of his brother along with his daughter Haniwa and the witch hunter Tamacti Jun. For his part, Kofun continues on his way with the queen’s troops to reunite with his mother Maghra.

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