What to watch this weekend on Netflix, HBO Max, Amazon and Disney+

The idol

We are in the middle of the month of June and before us is a new opportunity to discover new series and movies. As? Well, with the weekend ahead and, of course, the corresponding subscription to the streaming platform on duty. If you want to know what is counted these days in Netflix, HBO Max and Amazon Prime Video, we leave you below a selection with the best premieres. Take note.

What to watch on HBO Max

Obviously the premiere of the week within HBO Max has been the first chapter of the idol and more than because of its good reception, because of the controversy that it has generated even before its arrival at the service. The series, which tells us how a young singer rises within the difficult music industry with the “help” of her “manager”, has been accused of being too excessive, especially in terms of sexual content, excessively objectifying its protagonist, Lily-Rose Deep. The Weeknd is not saved from burning either, since the singer, producer and co-star of the story, fired the previous director to put a man in charge, who is none other than Sam Levinson (responsible for Euphoria). You’d better watch it yourself and draw your own conclusions.

The best Netflix releases

Those who are hooked on I never They have to know that the last 10 episodes of the series are already available. And it is that season 4 has already been released, thereby putting the finishing touch to the adventures and stories of Devi and her friends. A nice series with adolescents as protagonists -and as the target audience- that says goodbye to the platform forever in a way that many can call satisfactory. Do not miss it.

Today it also arrives on the platform Barracuda Queensabout a group of friends who live in a wealthy neighborhood in Scandinavia and who, after getting into debt beyond their power, decide to start robbing their neighbors’ houses.

What to watch on Amazon Prime Video

We have a new teenage phenomenon on our hands. Is about My fault, based on the first book of the trilogy of the same name, in which we see how Noah must leave his city, boyfriend and friends to move to the mansion of William Leister, his mother’s new husband. There he will meet his stepbrother Nick, with whom, despite clashing over his strong personalities, he begins to feel an irresistible (and reciprocated) attraction. Obviously, not everything can be rosy and ghosts from the past of both of them will soon appear, endangering their relationship.

If you like movies from the Rocky universe, you have to know what you already have on the platform Creed III. The film maintains the essence of the franchise with Michael B Jordan in the role of Adonis Creed and Jonathan Majors as Damien, an old (resentful) childhood friend whom Creed will have to fight to prove who is boss in the ring. That said, everything you love about the Balboa story is still here intact. Enjoy.

Disney+: the best premiere of the week

The prize on the mouse platform goes without a doubt to Avatar: The Sense of Water. James Cameron’s latest blockbuster landed a couple of days ago on the streaming service to the delight of both those who saw it in theaters and fell in love and, of course, those who were waiting for its premiere on TV. In this film we move more than 10 years after those seen in the first part, to see how Jake Sully and Ney’tiri have formed a family in the peaceful forests of Pandora. Unfortunately, the peace will not last long and old threats will come to haunt them.

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