What to watch this weekend on Netflix, HBO Max and Amazon Prime Video

The first weekend of January we have no great titles reserved for us -as we already warned you this past Monday, streaming services are a bit decaffeinated at the start of the year-, but that is not why we are going to stop recommending the odd title. interesting to enjoy calmly at home after the whirlwind of the holidays. Do you want a new proposal to see in Netflix, HBO Max or Amazon Prime Video? You are in the right place. Ahead.

What to watch on Netflix

We cannot stop recommending the great premiere of the week in the red N, The moor, although we warn you since the critic is quite divided as to its result. In what there is no doubt is that Casademunt’s film has a beautiful photography and a very good cast (with Inma Cuesta as the protagonist), so if you want to see a horror and Spanish film, this is a good idea.

In The moor we will move on to the 19th century, to meet a family that lives isolated from the rest of society and whose tranquility is suddenly disturbed by the presence of a mysterious creature that will put them to the test. We leave you the trailer below.

What to watch on HBO

Since there haven’t been any powerful releases this week on HBO, let’s better recommend a series that is currently running and that deserves more attention than it might be getting. We talk about Station Eleven (Station eleven), a post-apocalyptic vision of our world after a pandemic – what things – that kills 99% of the world’s population.

The miniseries is created by Patrick Somerville (the person in charge of Mania, on Netflix) and features Mackenzie Davis (True blood, Black mirror), Himesh Patel (Tenet, Don’t Look Up) and Matilda Lawler (Evil) among its protagonists. It consists of 10 episodes (there are currently 3 available on the platform) and has a careful photograph that will surely dazzle you if you usually look at and value these audiovisual aspects.

What to watch on Amazon Prime Video

If you have a teenager at home hooked on the literary series After or you yourself are a fan of the saga – hey, we don’t judge anyone here – you should know that the third installment of the film adaptation of the books is now available on Amazon. This is how the (terrible) relationship between Tessa and Hardin continues and how they face new situations that will put the couple to the test.

If toxic relationships don’t suit you, then you might want to give George Clooney’s latest film a shot this weekend. Is about The tender bar, a film that was released two weeks ago in theaters (in the United States) and that now comes directly to the content service catalog with Ben Affleck, Tye Sheridan and Daniel Ranieri as protagonists. The story is based on the memoirs of JR Moehringer and tells of the writer’s teenage years on Long Island and his relentless search for a father figure among the patrons who walk into his uncle’s bar.

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