What to watch today Saturday on Netflix, HBO Max and Amazon Prime Video

Saturday night off ahead and you have no idea what to watch on TV? Relax, here we are to get you out of such uncertainty. As we usually do, we have selected our favorite releases of the week, so that you only have to select your preferred platform and decide the ingredients of the pizza that you are going to order today. Be comfortable.

We leave you below the best premieres that have taken place in the last week of November. There are many more novelties in each of the services but these are our favorites.

What to watch on Netflix

The red N has thrown the house out of the window this November, which means that this week we have also enjoyed a good number of premieres. Among them, we would like to highlight a documentary: Ghislaine Maxwell: Filthy Rich. If you happened to see the one that was published at the time about Jeffrey Epstein (also subtitled “Filthy Rich”), you will remember his partner, named Ghislaine Maxwell. This criminal was found guilty of 5 of the 6 charges she was accused of during the years of her relationship with Epstein.

Now a documentary about her has been released in which much more of her story can be learned through the victims who participated in the trial, among other protagonists. A good way to complete the vision on this story.

Do you prefer a movie? give a chance to the swimmers. It is a film based on true events about two sisters from Syria who travel to the 2016 Rio Olympics. Their path will not be free of dangers, even having to resort to their skills as swimmers.

What to watch on HBO Max

Also on HBO Max we are going to propose a documentary. In this case it is The Holy Familya review under a magnifying glass of the famous Pujol-Ferrusola family and all the goings-on that its different members have brought about: from the father of the family to his wife, through their seven children, all involved in a corruption scandal or similar.

In case you are following the popular series of Garcia! that you know that yesterday, Friday, the sixth episode of its first and successful season premiered. If you haven’t given it a chance yet, you still have time to get hooked on this sci-fi TV series that is getting quite good reviews and audiences. Take a look at his trailer below in case you don’t know him yet.

What to watch on Amazon Prime Video

Do you like the world of skateboarding? And what about climbing? So we have an entertaining proposal for you within Amazon Prime Video. The content platform has released the documentary Alberto Ginés and Danny León’s challengea nice docureality where the two figures will continually challenge each other in very diverse activities ranging from surfing to playing video games. It goes without saying that they will also have to deal with each other’s specialty, so we will see León trying to climb and the Olympic champion Ginés on a skateboard.

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