What we hope (and don’t expect) to see at the Windows 11 event

Although we may not have realized it, Microsoft has long been testing Windows 11 in its Insider branch, although hidden under the name “Sun Valley”. The development of Cobalt, the code name given to this version, was divided into two parts. On the one hand the internal changes, under the hood, that we have been testing with each of the Windows Insider builds, and on the other hand the aesthetic changes, of the interface, that Microsoft has preferred to keep secret and test exclusively internally. .

Today, finally, we are going to see first-hand the result of all this work in the new Windows event.

What we hope to see, and what not, in the presentation of Windows 11

One thing is clear: let’s see windows 11. Since Microsoft announced its conference, the company has made it clear that it wants to introduce us to what it advertises as “the new Windows.” And all the clues that Microsoft has left (the presentation image, the 11-minute video, etc.) suggest that this will be the name of the system.

Windows 11 - Start Desktop

Of course, much of the presentation will focus on teaching us the new OS interface. As we can see in the leaked images, Windows 11 implies a revolutionary change when it comes to the desktop. We will see all the secrets of the new start menu, the task bar and the changes in the interface, such as the effects of the windows and their rounded corners. We will also know the new designs of many of the apps system, such as Xbox and Microsoft Store. As the company has announced in the teasers, we will also learn about new sounds, new backgrounds and new gestures that will accompany the system. Of course, Microsoft will talk about the performance improvement of Windows 11 compared to Windows 10 thanks to the improvement of the use of processors, something that we hope to see with enthusiasm.

Less likely, Microsoft may finally show us a new file explorer or a more modern task manager. Even if it is ready, we will be able to see tabs on the desktop windows, although this is even less likely. There are also rumors of the presentation of new Surface equipment (NEO?) that will accompany the launch of Windows 11, although most likely Microsoft will save the hardware announcements for another future presentation.

Already out of the probable, what surely we do not see are novelties in the services. Although Cloud PC is ringing loud again, it is unlikely that we will get to see this feature. We will also not see changes related to OneDrive (beyond the integration with Windows 11) or in Skype or Teams.

How to view the Windows event live

The Windows event will start this afternoon (Spanish time) at 17.00. To follow it, we just have to access this link and wait for it to start. We do not know how long the event will last, although it will most likely be between 60 and 90 minutes.

In addition, you can follow the event with us via SoftZone Twitter where we will inform you of the news that Microsoft is presenting in real time.

As if that were not enough, today also at 9:00 p.m. (Spanish time) Microsoft also has a second planned developer event. We do know even less about this, although it is most likely that it will focus on Windows 11 APIs and the new Visual Studio 2021.

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