What we know about Scarlet and Purple, the Pokémon based in Spain

The 9th Gen of Pokémon will arrive on Switch in late 2022

The Pokémon Company knew that no one suspected anything. With a title like Arceus Legends Released just a month earlier, it was a bit strange that they would introduce a couple of new mainline games at the end of February. But they did. And not without first deceiving us all. The teaser It started with a policeman entering the Game Freak facility with a flashlight. After entering a room at the back, he seems to enter a kind of warehouse of a galleon full of objects. Everything was too reminiscent of Detective Pikachu – even the coffee cup appears – a master plan by the Japanese. However, when we least expected it, there they were. scarlet pokemon and purple pokemon will be the ninth generation titles of the saga. And the region, still unnamed, will be based in our country. The video is only three minutes long, but there is enough information that we can get.

Region based in Spain

pokemon scarlet map spain

It was about time. After a map based on France and another on England, it was clear that one day it would be the turn of the Spaniards. Before seeing the map of Spain hanging on the cork in the room, almost all of us Spaniards realized that the building based on La Sagrada Familia or the mills were a clear reference to it.

Returning to the map, there is a role that overlaps the part of Portugal, but we should not rule out that “Pokémon Españita” also has some tinge from our neighboring country.

Just a central “city”

pokemon scarlet barcelona

We know. Madrid has the best tap water in the universe, but foreigners continue to fall for the charms of Barcelona. The central city of the game will be inspired by the Catalan capital.

barcelona madrid pokemon

Gaudí on the left, touches of Madrid on the right.

On the other hand, Game Freak seems to have made it clear that there will only be one big city, which will be that one. the rest will be small rural towns. However, in one of the images you can see a scene very similar to the Plaza Mayor in Madrid. Therefore, said city will have a kind of merger of both capitals.

The perfect location for an open world of Pokémon

pokemon scarlet purple windmills

We are facing the same graphics engine as Sword, Shield and Arceus, but with certain tweaks. the palette of mediterranean colors and the light from this new region makes everything look different.

scarlet purple desert

The choice of Spain —or the Iberian Peninsula— cannot be a coincidence. Game Freak needed a large space, with varied ecosystems and without many cities. Our country combines those needs. Coast, large natural parks, desert, rivers, mountainous terrain throughout the territory —we even see the Pyrenees behind the city based on Barcelona—. Certainly a perfect settingsince it will be the natural barriers themselves that limit exploration.

Don’t trust the map

purple scarlet pokemon map

In the video we can see much of the final map. However, we are sure that Game Freak will not make a 1:1 copy of our territory. Galar was England in reverse, so with Spain there is no doubt that they will do the same. The part that we see flooded in Galicia could correspond perfectly Donana.

What else do we know about Scarlet and Purple?

Past and future?

scarlet purple logos

Typography usually provides a lot of information when we talk about Pokémon. Escarlata is created with a typeface reminiscent of the Art nouveau. And Purple, on the contrary, has a letter much more futuristic. This, added to the scene of the Police in the room full of objects, where it seems that there is a small spatiotemporal alterationcould give clues that the legendary are built in terms of these two themes: present and past.

The star

pokemon purple star

Since mega evolution, Game Freak has added a change to the meta game time in each generation. This is often seen depicted in the game’s Japanese logo. On this occasion, it is a star that can be seen throughout teaser repeatedly. Could it be something related to cosmic energy?

starter pokemon

starter pokemon 9 gen

We also have the final art of the three initials of this video game. Spirigatito, Fuegococo and Quaxly. The first will probably evolve into a lynx. The second looks like an apple and there are all kinds of theories about its origin. And the third is a water type duck with a toupee that reminds us of the typical prissy boy. What is clear is that it will be a rare generation, since many new creatures will have names in Spanish.


pokemon characters 9 gen.jpg

The protagonists of this edition will once again be children. A curious detail is that Game Freak has completely redesigned these characters. For the first time they will have rounded eyes instead of oval. The face of the boy and the girl are identical, which may mean that the study is also betting on the inclusion.

Free bar of memes until December

Without a doubt, the best of everything. Game Freak has us used to games that barely exceed 6. This title may have been in development for a couple of years, but we were hoping that it would be delayed a little longer so that we could enjoy a more rounded and finished experience.

However, there is Scarlet and Purple for a while. Every time they release a new teaserthe networks will be flooded with memes and more memes about Pokémon and Spain. The game will not be perfect, but between the iberian pokemon forms and the details that Game Freak will release, we will have fun even if we do not have the cartridge in our consoles.

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